I’m Jola and I’m a food-a-holic

*M&S Advert music plays* “Succulent wings of chicken, coated in the best flavouring Mile End has to offer, deep fried until crispy in local two-day old oil before being laid on a bed of soft satisfyingly sensual fries smothered in sweet ketchup and creamy mayonnaise.”

Thanks to my slight obsession with Dixie Chicken/PFC, that is what goes through my head as I wait in the queue for my 2 piece meal.

Hey guys! My name is Jola; Second year Comparative Literature student, Essex native and self-confessed food-a-holic. As one of your columnists, it will be my duty to share with you all of the food related antics that occupies my life (and stomach) as well as giving you guys advice about food while here at Queen Mary. As great as having a student loan is, there is still a lot that needs to be controlled and budgeted when it comes to buying food, thankfully, I have endured the pain of being broke and not being able to afford to eat while my student loan lays peacefully in Drapers cash till.

Having spent a year at another university before coming to Queen Mary, I can safely say that I have been there and done that with regard to making food mistakes. Thanks to ASOS accompanied by a multitude of large Tesco and Sainsbury’s receipts , my loan pretty much became non-existent after the first month of starting my course.  And as fast and easy Morrison’s 15 penny packets of tomato and herb pasta were, eating them for 20 days solid made my mouth immune to the taste of the broth immersed swirls.

So what helped me budget my spending on food? Being broke.

The fact that there was 1p to my name at one point, it forced me to get a few things sorted out: A:get a job, and B: write down meal plans and spread the cost across evenly. But the best advice of all, is to shop at the mother of all supermarkets,

Lidl. Thankfully, there is a Lidl (sort of ) close to Mile end. At 1.5miles away, Lidl can become your best food friend. With 300 g of chicken priced at 1.99 and broccoli at 99p, meals can become less of a pot noodle and a creme egg, and more like chicken with steamed veg. Stupidly, I was not aware of the motherland when I moved away to uni.

After ditching pasta packets, I opted for the tightly organised route. I received my first pay cheque, a measly 60 pounds, but kept my foodie hopes up that I could buy sufficient food to not only feed me, but my sweet tooth and cravings! A year of binge eating, as well as pretty much starving later,  I moved to Queen Mary.

But despite getting through my first year of university on semi-healthy food, Fresher’s week at QM came along and so did the takeaways. It turns out that grease and oil isn’t healthy! Can you believe that!?

Anyway, I look forward to spilling the beans about what it’s like to be obsessed with food and how to attempt to control yourself when it comes to being a food-a-holic!

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