Taking The Next Step

Most students are going into, what we will affectionately call in our thirties ‘the great summers’. These summers are the four month ones that seem to last forever, when everyone has rent agreements lasting until September so you’re all stuck in one place, and frankly the mere idea of a part-time job is enough to make you recoil in terror, as graduation seems far too close.  As we all know, summer is for lovin’ and many students this year will end up finding that special someone to romp around with in the long, lonely months when we are deprived of lectures and seminars. With nothing to do but burn time, students take to thrusting their way through summer. And, its summer! That means sex anywhere! You can get down and dirty in a bush, under a tree, in London Zoo! As long as you time it right so you’re going at it during twilight you’re covered! A decent sunset takes any sex from tacky to classy incredibly quickly.

You may grow even closer than the normal uni ‘relationship’ – i.e. Get into a relationship that actually resembles a real-life one. And then, as summer comes to an end, as the leaves begin to change and Mile End is full of eager freshers whom you inordinately hate because they just don’t know how lucky they are, things get a bit weird. Couples panic; they suggest stupid ideas and even worse, their other halves blissfully and blindly go along with it, in order to keep the spark alive. And so, you might find yourself staring into your significant other’s eyes as they suggest moving in together after one another’s license agreements are up.

It’s a decision lots of uni couples make, especially in London, where astronomical rent pushes us into choosing a weird combination of higher-than-average standards of life, yet overcrowded living conditions. Students are now also faced with another five years of Cameron’s attempt at recreating feudalism and anxiety levels are at a peak. However, it’s something to think about very deeply before taking the plunge.

Obviously there’s benefits: less rent, you get to spend all your time with the person you love, less rent, endless cuddles, less rent, lots of sex, less rent – the list is endless. But, what is so sexy about amalgamating your sock drawer with someone? And you’re going to have to give up all the mortifying/disgusting things that you do on your own in your spare time. The most important thing to remember is that a summer student with time to kill and a semester student who’s up to their eyeballs in essays are two entirely different things. You will have to face that demon at some point in your degree – but if you move in, you’ll never be able to escape. If you argue, you’re in trouble. If you break up you’re toast. One of you has to move out, or face awkward silences over breakfast in the morning, while each of you remember that time you had sex on the breadboard.

I’m not saying that moving in with someone at university is a bad idea – it works really well for some people who hit a new stride in their relationship when they live together. But let’s be honest here; everyone knows a couple who moved in together, didn’t get along and forced all their housemates to live in quaking terror of their hurricane-style arguments. Think about it hard – you’re at uni with them – it’s not as if you’ll never see each other again if you part ways for a night.

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