As the days go by and time goes on, I have come to the realisation that there are two major things that I rely on in life: Family and Food.

But it was only yesterday that I brought up a revised edition of this realisation and came to a weird conclusion that the fort that is my life, is held up by… a drink? And unsurprisingly that drink is coffee.

Coffee is the basic foundation of my life’s entirety, it controls my personality, attention span, emotions and gives me the ability to with-stand annoying people and situations. It seems that being a foodie is not just limited to food, but drinks also. If I think about it, my other favourite drink is literally just crushed food! (Smoothies!)

But what is it about coffee that is so special? Well disregarding the fact that coffee = caffeine, and caffeine = awareness, it also tastes amazing and makes you seem all mature. The look, aroma and taste of a good coffee to me is a vice. It gives me relief and pure satisfaction, like sipping on a cool whisky, or taking a long drag of a French cigarette in a holder. It almost seems second nature to pick up my cafetiere and brew myself a steaming cup of love. It has been embedded into my sub-consciousness that my body cannot thrive without caffeine.  

Culturally coffee is enjoyed by so many and in so many ways. In France or Italy, a coffee is to be drunk after a meal.  And others say that to reach a maximum amount of productivity in a day, you should have a coffee at 15:00 or 16:00. Mostly coffee is drunk in the morning so as to wake up, additionally being drunk whenever there is a break.So coffee is a 24 hour thing! And you if you drink enough of it, you can possibly stay awake for 24 hours. So it’s certainly not going out business, particularly in London. Nero, Costa, Starbucks, as well as food services like Pret-a-manger, EAT and even McDonald’s offer “Premium/quality Coffee” to their customers, heck even Waitrose has jumped on the band wagon and are giving the people  what they want, free hot drinks riddled with caffeine!.

Coffee is not just a part of not only our daily schedule , but also a social and cultural component of life. It appeals to pretty much any age! You’ve got the 13 year old Taylor Swift (Post Justin Bieber craze) girl with her bright pink Paul’s Boutique bag in the crook of her arm obsessed with the Choc-Chip caramel Frappuccino. And it spans all the way over to OAP’s drinking Cappuccino’s at their local cafe after receiving their pension( I may be generalising but that’s what my Nan does). It seems to be something that adults, students and teenagers alike cling to. Its a legal stimulant and fashion accessory!  

We live in a world surrounded and focused on food and drink, that we turn a blind eye to the physical results of food and focus more on the social aspects of it all. I know that when I order an espresso throughout or at the of my meal, it extends the opportunity for conversation, with an addition caffeine kick to keep the conversation from dropping, basically being my personality for me! 

All in all coffee aids life! But I do think that there is such a thing as too much coffee. Is there a group for coffee-holic’s as well as food-a-holics?

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