London’s next top cafe

I don’t know about you, but I love a good café. A cup of coffee and a generous slab of cake makes everything better, as does gazing off into the distance whilst sipping your hot beverage, looking fabulous and contemplating life. Luckily for me (and for all other café lovers), London is bursting with quirky coffee shops.  So I’m going to give you three of my favourites, although there are many more. Keep your eyes peeled!

Muxima, 618 Roman Road, E3 2RW

At 618 Roman Road, Muxima stands unassumingly, winking as you pass. She’s a tempting little minx, and if you love cake as much as I do, you won’t be able to resist. I was taken to Muxima by my housemate about a month ago and was amazed to find people queuing out of the door – once you’ve found a table, cling to it with your life! It was certainly worth the wait, and the reason for the queue became very clear: the food is amazing, the coffee is great and it’s fun and quirky. The mismatched furniture adds a shabby chic vibe to the place, and the café supports local artists by displaying their work. When I was there, an installation called ‘Part of the Furniture’ occupied the café, which consisted of little figures dotted around the tables with magazine cuttings comprising their facial features. The concept was to question how we perceive everyday objects and how they become background features, which was intriguing if not a little off-putting whilst I was tucking into my banana loaf. I also had the Eggs Benedict which was delicious. Perhaps a little bit pricey, I would say that Muxima is definitely worth a visit, even just for a quick cuppa and to check out the latest display of local art. There are also screenings of art documentaries in the evenings as well as live music. Could it be any cooler? Check out their website for more info:

Wild & Wood, New Oxford Street 1 unit 19, WC1 A1BA

This little gem of a café is where I sampled my first cronut (croissant and doughnut – a delightful bakery cross-breed). Tucked away near Holborn station, this cosy little coffee shop has an impressive range of cakes as well as delicious savouries. Admittedly, it is perhaps a little cramped inside, with wooden tables squeezed together beneath black and white photographs of much-loved British actors and TV programmes. However, this just adds to its charm, as the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed, whilst the wooden furniture is rustic and unpretentious. Wild & Wood is perhaps not as hip and happening as Muxima, however the coffee is great and cronuts are my new favourite thing. If you haven’t tried one, get yourself down to New Oxford Street.

Exmouth Coffee Company, 83 Whitechapel High Street E1 7QX London

Situated next to Aldgate East station, Exmouth Coffee Company has a great selection of healthy lunches, homemade salads and cakes. I was taken here by my housemates for my birthday lunch and I can honestly say there’s no better way to turn twenty one than by tucking into a lovely bit o’ quiche. Out of the three, I would say that the food is definitely the best here, particularly the delicious salads and range of homemade pies and pastries. Again, it’s maybe a teeny bit pricey, but great for a special treat. So go on, treat yourselves. YOLO.

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