Non-Icons: Placing Mrs Carter

The Beyoncé Effect is undoubtedly a phenomenon which needs no further explanation. It is honestly quite crazy to think about how this lady, now ‘Queen’, has transformed, even evolved since the Destiny’s Child days of our youth, not just in a physical sense, but as a complete and wholly recognisable brand. Music is now only one mere part of Beyoncé’s make-up; now she exudes power, respect perhaps even a fan’s hysteria when it comes to body image, female empowerment and equality, and fashion.  And of course, this is all notwithstanding the ridiculous number of absurd illuminati conspiracies floating around the internet, which now surround the Carter dynasty.

Of course, any person who has the ability to inspire both young and old is clearly someone to be admired. But has Beyoncé and the Carter brand moved from something more than good music and amazing talent, to something fans now choose to idolise? It seems with age, the singer has become more daring, with fashion choices, dance moves, song lyrics and style, and this change is so closely analysed and followed by today’s young generation. So looking back on this year’s most coveted fashion event, New York’s Met Gala, what does Beyoncé’s striking, and dare I say, at the risk of offending all super fan readers, outrageously awful outfit choice really represent in 2015?  The sheer, sparkly, transparent number was reminiscent of Britney’s controversial outfit in her 2003 ‘Toxic’ video, yet was met with a reception of high praise and awe. The saddest part however, is that this dress (if it can even be called that), has been dubbed the ‘naked dress’ and according to the top fashion sites, not even Kim Kardashian or J-Lo came anywhere close to baring as much flesh as ‘Queen B’. I will always admire Beyoncé’s talent, but this is definitely not a trend I can respect.

So why do I bring up an event from the past which instantly flags up ‘that’ photo of Beyoncé’s red carpet pose? Well, if her style and image hasn’t inspired all females today, it has in fact become the inspiration for a firm of architects. Melbourne is the new home of the Premiere Tower, currently under construction, which, believe it or not, has an aesthetic inspired by Beyoncé’s curves, specifically the music video for ‘Ghost’. It is quite baffling that the shape of a singer has influenced the construction of a skyscraper, particularly in a city which is renowned and celebrated for its unique art and culture.

In my eyes, this bizarre move sets off some alarm bells. How can one person have such a monumental effect around the world? Are we really only inspired today by celebrities who show off their wealth through all forms of social media, and wear skimpy, revealing outfits in music videos and to supposedly high profile fashion events? I will always love Beyoncé for her incredible talent and catchy tunes, but the lady I once defended and called an inspirational figure when in discussion with older family members is swiftly diminishing, and harshly, I would even say today that Beyoncé Carter’s style is tacky. Queen B for music, not for style.

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