My 5 favourite blogs to aid procrastination

I have very little willpower and am easily distracted. In my efforts to avoid Freud for a few minutes last year during revision I would lovingly peruse my favourite blogs, using them to remind myself what freedom and fun looked like. Now I present them to you, the five blogs I find most culturally, aesthetically and intellectually stimulating…and then one for when you just want to indulge in genuine trashy brilliance.

Tiny Atlas Quarterly

While you’re doing time in Mile End library, trying to chew silently in the anonymous stretch of coffin-like desks, just know that someone somewhere is having the time of their life traveling the globe. Tiny Atlas Quarterly is a beautiful little blog documenting travel through snippet articles and incredible photography.



This beautiful online magazine blog is set in a pale-palette grid of the current issue’s features. It’s a relaxed array of travel stories, recipes, mindful articles and style ideas, and the perfect opportunity to take a quick dip when avoiding coursework at all costs. In essence, this blog is best for wanting to look at pretty pictures whilst tactfully avoiding instagram and tumblr.



This online publication is amazing. There are loads of sections ranging from blogs and columns to art and literature, all revolving around current events and the affects of war around the world. Not the jolliest of reads, but seriously worth a look even if just to make you a more knowledgeable person. The writing is powerful and evocative, and doesn’t just focus on the events that are subject to mainstream media coverage – it brings light to issues you may not even have known about and pays tribute to forgotten events of the past.


Maybe It’s Because

Possibly my favourite, due to its London focus. This blog has a web-like coverage of the best things our city has to offer. From history to exhibitions to brunch, this is the font of all knowledge. There isn’t even much need to over-do the description on this one – just a really great, inspiring array of things to do in London, and the list is endless.


Girl With A One Track Mind

A very different blog style here, but possibly the most entertaining in a really embarrassing/guilty pleasure sort of way. This blog was started in 2004 by ‘Abby Lee’ – later revealed as Zoe Margolis – documenting her life as a sex-crazed Londoner. It knew no boundaries or shame: imagine Secret Diary of a Call Girl crossed with Bridget Jones on female Viagra. The most recent stuff, since her cover was blown, is really nothing much to commend; get yourself down to the blog archives dating back to 2004, however, and enjoy a pretty trashy but often quite powerfully feminist diary. Disclaimer: it’s definitely not for everyone, and certainly not as elegant or intellectually stimulating as the other blogs.


So go and have a gander and hopefully these blogs will fill you with joy and inspiration, or at least perhaps just fill a gap of time with mild amusement.

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