East Side Story – Freshers’ Flu Isn’t So Bad

Freshers’ flu caught me. Yes it’s a little late in the onset but I’ve been furiously ignoring that sore throat and runny nose for the past week, resulting in what can only be described as a full on self-pity party.  Think scented candles (that I can’t even smell), a cocktail of tea, vitamin C and paracetamol and that whiney, croaky voice that I could probably get rid of if I cleared my throat but I kind of enjoy the sad little squeak of it so I leave it.

Having worked 30 hours between Thursday and Sunday this week in a bar full of germy people my body gave up so I’ll be bedridden watching Sex and the City eating mashed potatoes until further notice.

But, ever the optimist, here are my favourite things about being poorly:

1. It’s an excuse to watch your favourite trashy TV

Be it that Kardashian show, Geordie Shore or any old sitcom, being poorly means not having to pretend to like and/or understand hard hitting television shows that require brainpower. Because brainpower is hard. Bye bye House of Cards, hello Made in Chelsea.

2. Food

Being poorly means you need lots of nutrition which means you can eat all of the food.  Sadly sometimes your appetite disappears but those times that you are hungry, enjoy all that comfort food because soon it will be back to rushed baked beans on toast 10 minutes before class starts.  Side bonus: for some reason people tend to cook for you when you’re ill which is the best thing ever.

3. No university

Don’t get me wrong, I chose to go to university, I’m committing to paying a huge amount of debt for it and I really enjoy my classes (most of the time) BUT what is better than waking up to pissing rain and freezing winds and knowing that the furthest you will have to go today is to the kitchen to make a lemsip. Sometimes I watch the cold people outside for a boost of sadistic glee. Don’t tell anyone I said that.

4. Feeling better

That morning you wake up with clear sinuses feeling rested (because you slept for two days) and ready to take the world on.  Let’s ignore all of the work you will have to do because you sacked life off for a few days and bask in the glory of not feeling sleep deprived for the first time in months.

So don’t be down about that freshers flu, treat it like a little holiday break, have a bath and return to life once your sniffles have gone away feeling refreshed and recharged!..and with a whole lot of work to catch up on.  But think about all that reality TV knowledge you’ve accrued for seminar small talk!

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