In Conversation with Baby Strange

All the way from the muggy streets of Glasgow, Baby Strange are a band that are seemingly taking their time to push their music through to the masses – but believe me it’s coming.

After releasing their first single Pure Evil back in May 2013, they’ve just brought out their sixth single Pleasure City and they keep getting better and better. They first crashed onto my own musical radar about two years ago when they supported Palma Violets on half of their UK tour, and this summer they caused a ruckus supporting Slaves on their massive UK tour. But after very few big releases of their own, this punk rock three-piece seem to be doing what not many other bands in the genre choose to do, and focus on quality rather than quantity.

I met up with the guys briefly before their gig at the Boston Music Room in Tufnell Park and talked to them about the past, present and future of Baby Strange.

So talk to me about how you started out, what was the beginning of Baby Strange? (the wonderful name comes from a 1972 T-Rex song)

Well we started out by not taking things very seriously at all. We got together but never really thought like “This is what we want to do forever, this is the future for us”. But then we submitted a couple of our tracks onto the BBC Introducing programme and then nice things started to happen from there – they got our songs played on the radio and then we get a few small festival slots.

And then how did you get into supporting bands like Palma Violets and Slaves?

Well Palma Violets’ manager heard one of our songs, and showed it to the band and they loved it and invited us to come on tour with them, which was really cool. Slaves we’ve been friends with for a long time, and we’ve kept saying “We need to do a gig together, we need to do a gig together” and it’s great that we finally got to do that.

And you’re doing a couple more dates with Slaves in December, one in Glasgow and then one in Brixton Academy

Yeah that’s going to be amazing, because we’ve been friends with these guys since they were a much smaller band, and it’s been great watching them climb, and getting to see that with them. That’s going to be by far our biggest gig yet.

Yeah with Brixton being a 5,000 people capacity it’s a pretty big step up from this tour – Boston Music Room holds only about 250 people

Well this tour’s been amazing so far. London is always a great place to gig because it’s such a big city but people also come from outside of it just to see bands. We’ve got loads of friends in London, so smaller venues like this are great fun too because you know so many people.

And what’s next after this tour, is there an album on the horizon?

Well we’re going to go back and record some more stuff with the guy who produced the new single, there’s no big plans yet but we’re slowly starting to piece things together.

Too many bands rush their first album, especially young bands that have just been signed and feel pressure to get it out there and it ends up sounding half finished, but we really want to take our time.

If things go well with recording new stuff we’d like to bring it out in the first half of next year. This new single has already gone down so well – cos it had only been online for about four days and people are already singing all the lyrics at gigs, and when you get that kind of reaction everything just feels brilliant.


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