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I have a confession to make.

It’s basically a cardinal sin to say this, especially with the amount of news coverage on the subject and the fact that the outcome could affect so many people’s lives, but….

I don’t care about the US elections.

Let me start with a caveat. I mean, obviously I do care (I’m all for Sanders, even though his version of socialism makes me want to rip out my own eyes) – I care about the chances of a version of free healthcare for Americans, I care about the continuation of Oval Office support for the #BlackLivesMatter movement, I would be devastated on the behalf of the most oppressed members of American society if a Republican manages to weasel their way back in.

Even if the only alternative is Hillary ‘I like droning kids and the death penalty but it’s fine, because I’m a woman’ Clinton (and I have a whole column reserved for why that’s an electoral issue), to me that’s still better than the return of overtly neocon policies dominating the US infrastructure for the next four years at least.

I don’t care, however, about the intricate details of seemingly ten million different processes that have to be gone through before we even have an idea of who might be the presidential candidates – and I don’t see why our media does either.

OK, caveat two (can you see I’m mildly conflicted on this?) I totally know why our media does. USA, world power, remember when Blair had his head so far up Bush he forgot what sunlight looked like, blah blah blah…but you know what? As far as we’re concerned, ISIS are gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate whether there’s a Democrat, Republican or Taylor Swift herself in power, and I don’t think the Bush-Blair bromance levels are ever going to be reached again so there’s no point trying.

Our obsession – or if we’re being accurate, the media obsession because I really doubt we’d care if they didn’t – with our relationship to US politics is hardly relevant beyond the imagined relationship that we create. What’s so special about a special relationship where the only shared culture is one we keep forcing, where the demographics are completely different and the main issues affecting us are highly diversified?

Our shared war on terror obviously hasn’t worked and the discrepancies between the European and US economies is on show for everyone (or no one, not like they’re being secretive or anything) with the thrashing out of the Trans-Atlantic Trade Partnership, so why do we keep forcing something that doesn’t seem to be of any relevance?

Caveat three: it’s totally obvious why.

Also, however much I’ve taken this column as an opportunity to publicly rant about my hatred of our US obsession – and I’m not discriminating, I can’t stand American ‘Anglophiles’ either – I can’t be alone in knowing the real reason we’re so interested in the presidential soap opera.

Donald Trump – wig or nah?

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