Live Review: Walk The Moon at the Koko

The stage ignites up with vibrant, orange light. ‘The Circle of Life’ starts playing. The band walks on with their faces covered in bright paint. Within the first few seconds, the tone has been set. This is going to be a fun one.

Moving on from The Lion King, the first song of their own they played was ‘Jenny’, from their album, Walk The Moon. The show consisted of an almost even mixture of songs from across their two albums, with songs from their latest album proving to be the most popular. ‘Different Colours’ and ‘Up 2 You’ seemed to be particular crowd favourites.

However, the songs that got the biggest reactions were, understandably, their two hit singles ‘Shut Up and Dance’ and ‘Anna Sun’. They closed the concert with the former and finished their encore with the latter. Both songs were warmly welcomed, and definitely got the most dancing out of the crowd.

This is what stood out to me the most about the concert: the good vibes. Every person in the room was dancing, from the musicians on stage to every single audience member. The band’s fun loving attitude is infectious, you can’t help but sing and dance along with them.

This could perhaps be down to the lead singer Nick’s showmanship; not only is he a talented musician, but he is a natural performer. However, unlike some bands, it isn’t only about the lead man. Bassist Kevin, guitarist Eli and drummer Sean all have their moments, with each member having as much fun as the next.

It’s clear the band truly care about their fans. The breaks between the songs were either filled with really funky The Police vibe interludes or, more often than not, declarations of love for their fans. The sense of community within the fanbase was really clear, and was encouraged by the band members. Turn to someone you don’t know and give them a high five, we were ordered. So we did, with Kevin giving out a few high fives himself.

The band say that the live shows are always in mind when they write their songs, which proves to be true, and it was the most fun I’ve ever had at a concert. The fun, energetic vibe of their songs seamlessly translates into their live shows. Their music was written to be performed live.

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