The time we have all been waiting for has finally arrived: loungewear, with a twist, is now fashionable.

Sport luxe or ‘athleisure’ is a blend between sporty/loungewear classics, i.e. tracksuit bottoms, bomber jackets and oversized sweatshirts, paired with chic items such as blazers and heels. Colour choice is vital if you want to follow this evolving trend successfully. For spring/summer 2016 a neutral palette is going to become your closest ally; dove grey, muted nudes and deep blues are the colours to use. This is a trend which has evolved throughout the autumn and winter months to provide a perfect transition into the summer season. Leather and thick knits are being swapped for sheer harem trousers and floaty chiffon blouses. Layering lighter fabrics creates a put-together, effortless vibe which is crucial this summer.

There is an element of laid-back chic with this trend. Comfort is key, which is rarely said when it comes to high-end fashion. The likes of Balenciaga, Fendi and Saint Laurent all currently have huge sport-inspired lines available. The fantastic aspect of this trend is that for us students, with tight budgets, there are so many affordable items on the market.

Despite the fact that minimalism is the staple factor behind this style, it doesn’t mean that jewellery is out of the question. Bold statement necklaces dress up a comfortable outfit, turning them from a day-time to night-time ensemble; stripes, colours and elasticated bottoms create an easy-going vibe to any outfit.

However, are tailored tracksuits in the workplace a step too far? Newsnight presenter Kirsty Wark caused quite the stir in April, earlier this year, when she appeared on our television screens wearing black, tailored tracksuit trousers with white vertical stripes down the seam. The trousers she wore were from ME+EM and were retailed at £118, making them a high-end fashion piece, and resulted in many controversial comments. Despite this, it appears that athleisure could quickly be becoming the new answer to comfortable office wear, so this summer we could all be filling our wardrobe with chic tracksuits and silk t-shirts.

The athleisure trend, among other things, has raised questions as to whether the old-fashioned tradition of women wearing skirts and heels to work is still relevant. Androgynous fashion is here to stay and this particular trend encapsulates this concept. It appears that stiff suits and uncomfortable work wear are no longer necessary for people to look appropriate for a business environment.

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