Faces of Fashion

When I think of fashion, people spring to mind. Fashion wouldn’t be fashion without a face or a name, whether it be Marc Jacobs being interviewed in Vogue, or the local hairdresser asking if you had seen Kim Kardashian’s latest hair style; people are always connected to the fashion industry.

My all-time favourite fashion icon is Coco Chanel, her elegant and classic style began a fashion revolution when she introduced the idea of women wearing trousers as well as masculine cuts of material such as shirts paired with ties instead of corsets and overbearing cleavage. Chanel built her empire on the premise that female and male fashion stereotypes could merge to create her signature, predominantly French looks such as the Chanel suit. From rags to riches, Chanel was a humble woman starting out her career in a sewing shop, before beginning to make hats and then her casual chic clothing after her affair with a man named Capel, who was believed to have influenced many of the styles she created. Chanel dared to parade herself in masculine styles, wearing casual striped t-shirts and high-waisted trousers, she was an inspiration to many women who only wished they could do the same. Today, Chanel is still an extremely elegant and luxurious brand, desired by many, as Coco’s legacy lives on.

Another personal favourite is Vivienne Westwood. Westwood’s outlandish style and her orange locks have been catching people’s attention for years. At the age of 75, Westwood has spent the majority of her life in the fashion industry, bringing her punk and new wave fashions into the modern day. Her avant-garde designs and garish materials are bound to have a love/hate relationship with runway audiences and magazines not to mention her own personal photo shoots in which, in some cases, she wears absolutely nothing! Yet Westwood is still another designer with an empire. Another designer that crossed the boundaries of societal norms to create wild and wonderful clothing.

As well as fashion designers, models can definitely change the way we view fashion. For example, the film star, model and mistress of JFK, Marilyn Monroe. Monroe’s pin up style was apparent with her dyed blonde hair. She was a popular sex symbol of her time, as her figure was deemed more pin up than fashion modelling, hence her reputation in the 21st century as a curvaceous model, and an inspiration to many plus size women. Monroe appeared on more than 33 magazine covers in just a year as she proved to be an extremely ambitious woman. Although Marilyn often landed roles as the dumb blonde in a lot of her movies, she was most definitely not that. I can almost see her white dress flapping in the breeze now!

I can only begin to think of the names I have missed, Audrey Hepburn’s ever growing class, Christian Dior’s Italian Fashion House and the babies of the modelling industry such as Kendall Jenner, becoming extremely recognized faces of brands. Every year the fashion industry breaks from its cocoon into something new, bright and beautiful, we can only anticipate its next superstar.

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