Sexting: A Modern Art of Flirtation

Sexting is a modern phenomenon that has come with the birth of our new digital age. It can come in many forms; from a carefully crafted text, a suggestive emoji combination, or a naughty nude sent via snap chat. Whether you’re struck by a lonely night on Tinder and feel like a bit of fun with a stranger, or you and your boo feel like spicing things up when you’re apart, sexting allow us to be sexually active while on the bus, at work, on holiday or wherever really. But it’s got it pros and cons so let’s discuss.

Pro: Redefines our understanding of safe sex. No chances of STDs or accidental pregnancy here. Your protection is your phone screen.

Con: You still have to be careful, whether you are sending messages or pictures ,there are some nasty people in this world who may use these to blackmail or expose you. This is not ok and they are always in the wrong for doing this. But I would still exercise caution, always try to enjoy yourself as safely as possible.

Pro: You can explore and discuss your sexual fantasies in a safe space. It can really open a discussion, particularly if you’re in a relationship, to talk about your personal desires and find out more about your partners without having to actually do anything physical right then and there.

Con: Not all sexters are consensual. We’ve all heard stories of unwanted dick pics and unprompted sexual messages. If you do experience this just block them and cease communication, or tell them this is unwanted and not ok, you may save another person from the sext pest.

Pro: It can spice your me time. You can still do all the stuff you know makes yourself feel good, but with a little assistance from your sexting pal. It can be incredibly sexy hearing how someone else gets turned on by thinking of you, knowing that they’re having their own personal fun on the other end of the line.

Con: Sometimes it’s just bad. The sexy text lexis is not something we are all gifted with in this world. So just be aware when chatting with a new sexting partner, they may not have the penmanship necessary to cross your t’s and dot your I’s.

Pro: It’s naughty. Knowing you have some saucy messages on your phone, perhaps receiving one while you’re out in public can spice up a dull day. It’s also fun to send them knowing the recipient is getting turned on somewhere somewhat inappropriate. It keeps your day kinky.

Con: Linking to the previous pro, having these messages on your phone does mean someone may unintentionally stumble across them. They may swipe innocently through your pictures and get flashed by an erect penis or tasteful tit.

Pro: You now have a personal library of erotica at your fingertips that you can look back on with retrospective lust whenever the feeling takes you.

Con: The dreaded fear; sexting the wrong person. You could be having little fun while simultaneously asking your house mate to buy more tooth paste or your mum  to let her know when you’re next home then BAM  you realise that your oh so beautiful crafted sext went to the wrong person. Always check the recipient! You have been warned.

So what’s your opinion? To sext to or not to sext. Let me know what you think.

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