The Game Is On : The London of Sherlock Holmes

London is a place where many of our best-loved fictional characters were born and live. So why don’t we spend a day exploring London around one of them? Let’s start with the consulting detective himself, Sherlock Holmes.

The cases of Holmes and his companion Doctor Watson have captured many reader’s imaginations since they were first published in 1887. As the years go by, we see many adaptations of Doyle’s work, from big-screen films to an award-winning television series, and  London has become an increasing hot spot for tourists and fans to see and pay tribute to their favourite high-functioning sociopath.



The Sherlock Holmes Museum 

The best place to start is the Sherlock Holmes Musuem, located on the iconic Baker Street. A small Victorian house containing many curiosities related to Holmes and Doyle, which greets you with Victorian Policemen and Maids. There are plenty of photo opportunities in the mock-up living room with pipes and hats provided, and there are (slightly creepy) wax figures of characters from the book series. The shop next door is a cavern of Sherlock-related treasures, and there is also a library for the academic amongst us. Mrs Hudson’s restaurant is also located on the street, with many home-cooked meals to choose from. 

Additionally, if you come out of the Baker Street station from the Marylebone exit, you’ll come face-to-face with a statue of Sherlock Holmes (unfortunately, not Benedict Cumberbatch).



 The Langham Hotel

Just to walk past is to see that the grand hotel is a fount of literary history. The Hotel once hosted a dinner between famous authors Doyle and Oscar Wilde, and became a source of inspiration for them both.  The hotel inspired Wilde to write The Picture of Dorain Gray and it also features in the second Sherlock book The Sign of Four.



Speedy’s Café

Fast-forward to the twenty-first century and one of the main locations for the BBC series is the door to 221b Baker Street and Speedy’s Café.  Funnily enough, these buildings aren’t located on Baker Street, but on North Gower Street just shy of Euston Square.



 The Sherlock Holmes Pub 

Just shy of Trafalgar Square is the Sherlock Holmes pub, a small pub named after and decor related to the famous detective. Come chill here with a pint or three after a long day of sight-seeing and case-solving. Not only does it serve proper pub food in cosy surroundings, but it also has a secret room which serves as a mock-up of Holmes’ study.

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