Hidden London Film Locations

Plenty of films are set in London, and everyone knows all of the main locations. The Globe in Shakespeare in Love, the National Gallery is in St. Trinians, and Notting Hill is in…well, Notting Hill. Here are some of the lesser-known locations of some of our favourite films that you didn’t know were based in London.

Bridget Jones’ House. 

Our favourite unlucky-in-love heroine Ms Jones’ flat is on Bedale Street, above the Globe pub. Although this was just the street used for exterior shots, it did feature in some of the best scenes. Also, it’s just moments away from Borough Market if you fancy stocking up on some chocolates and wine before dancing/crying to “All By Myself” like Bridget herself.

 Benches from Finding Neverland 

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 00.47.30

Yes, Johnny Depp did sit on a bench in London. Have fun finding (see what I did there?) the right one! In the 2004 film based on J M Barrie, Depp (as Barrie) meets the Llewelyn-Davies boys in Lancaster Walk in Kensington Gardens, and their conversation helps to inspire the writing of his play, Peter Pan. Also, just a stones-throw away from here is the Peter Pan statue, erected to commemorate Barrie’s famous works and the place where it all started for the boy who never grew up.


Leadenhall Market 


We all know that Kings Cross is the station where Harry Potter needs to be to get to Platform 9 ¾ to take the Hogwarts Express, but did you know that some shots of the magical Diagon Alley were filmed in Leadenhall Market? This market is one of the oldest in the UK, beginning in the fourteenth century and is open on weekends. The market was chosen due to its ornate structure and cobbled pavements, and the entrance to the Leaky Cauldron in the film is actually an opticians!

St Pancras Hotel 

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 00.47.51

Though this hotel is not present specifically in films (and it is very hard to gain access to), it is the place where the Spice Girls once filmed a music video. The entryway and the grand  staircase were where their debut single “Wannabe” was filmed, which has just celebrated it’s twentieth anniversary. Additionally, the staircase has been noted by many to look like the Cheshire Cat grinning – so there’s a small link between many other well-known films.

29 Shawfield Street 

Though this is just an ordinary house in Chelsea, it was once the home of children’s author P L Travers, who created practically perfect Nanny Mary Poppins. This house, with its sleek black front door and gate, is said to be the inspiration for the Disney film’s design of Cherry Tree Lane, where the Banks family of the story lives.

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