How to find your student house in the city 

Moving out of halls can leave us with a huge job on our plates: finding your first student house. Luckily, we’ve piled up a few reasonable pointers to guide you in your search. Follow our step by step guide below to help you to survive the hunt.

1.Find a few people you can stand to live with

That first year in halls is all about finding your taste and sifting out the more ‘difficult’ options. Once you realise you’re not hugely into having your food stolen, cleaning up peoples “clutter”, or listening to “great tunes” at 3am, you’re fairly aware of who you don’t want to live with (or remotely near). With this decided, latch onto those few people who you’re willing to live with, form your little team and guard them from any potential new friends. These friends are YOURS now.

2. Sell your soul to the devil

The next task in hand is finding your funds. You can’t bag your dream property if you haven’t got the mountains of life savings you’ll need to pay for it. For your average student, money’s going to have to come from somewhere. If the bank of mum and dad is shut, or (more likely) non-existent, the quickest and most pain free way to get enough money probably involves selling your soul to the devil. After all, you’ve already taken out way too many mortgages trying to afford food in the library cafe.

3. Befriend the local wildlife

Mice? Rats? We’re all in this city together. This is a dog-eat-dog world, and life would be easier if, instead of evacuating the property through your nearest window, or not buying the property all together at the site of those little micey traces, we could accept these critters into your life. Give them a name and befriend your new family pets. Befriend the local wildlife/vermin and your house hunting will be an easier and more enjoyable process, with many more vibrant options.

4.Fall in love with the smell of pizza and fried chicken

This stench crawls through our London streets, straight through the keyholes of our front doors and settles into our tiny, humble abodes. This is your vibe now. Feel it, work it, indulge in it. I’m not advocating eating it, I’m only advocating the acceptance of its presence. Fast food shops are likely to be your neighbour. Work with it, accept it. You probably can’t escape it.

5.Let motorbikes and sirens be your whale sound

Don’t let loud main roads turn you off a property. Instead, let them sooth you as you catch your three hours of student sleep. Or, even better, forget the value of sleep altogether. These noises can reassure you that, if you’re awake, so are your fellow urbanites. This will open of those good value main road flats to you and really allow you to get the most of your near non-existent student budget.

With these easy to follow steps, finding that place in this city will fall right into place, or, at least, become near possible.

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