Wear your Retro Tee’s to show your support for Rio

The Rio Olympics are in full swing, Great Britain has exceeded their medal expectation and surpassed the London games, and it feels as if everyone has been swept away with the patriotism and need to support the British team on their journey in Rio. If you are not one to dress in nylon, like the athletes, a way of getting into the Olympic spirit it by wearing your sporting retro t-shirts that have been hiding in the back of everybody’s wardrobes!

The volunteers, staff, and teams of the games all dress in full athletic gear for the duration of the games. However, even the fashion world has been roped into the games when it comes to the official GB kit. The GB Olympic kit for the 2016 games is a collaboration between fashion designer Stella McCartney and the sporting brand of Adidas. The fashionable merchandise make strong use of the new coat of arms and traditional Union Jack colours, showcasing their pride and boosting GB’s morale. McCartney has designed the kit so that the athletes are almost promoting a national brand by including a large GB embroidered, and printed all over.

Understandably, if you were to go out in full Olympic gear then you might feel slightly out of place.  A way of being involved in the sporting atmosphere that is dominating the media and the world at the moment, and to be stylish at the same time, is by wearing retro tee’s. Casual but cool, you cannot go wrong with the retro tee’s that brands such as Fred Perry, Champion, and Tommy Hilfiger all design as part of their collections.

Ironically the term ‘retro’ connotes images of nostalgia, or past fashion trends, but retro tee’s are timeless. Especially, with the Olympics being every four years, the retro sport t-shirts, can always be brought out of the wardrobe for at least one occasion. There are many ways that one can wear a retro tee with pride. Although they can be quite a masculine design, like a jersey, if tucked into unexpectedly feminine trailing skirt or ladylike courts, presents a contrasting, quirky and cool outfit, for a variety of occasions. Similarly, if you’re watching the Olympics at home, an oversized retro tee with a pair of shorts and a cap will allow you to feel as sporty as the athletes themselves!  No matter how you wear a retro tee, you cannot really go wrong, it’s a timeless piece that is a must have in any wardrobe!

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