Drinking, Dancing and Casual Shagging: Why Girls and Lads Holidays Have Become a Sexual Rite of Passage

It’s that time of year were all us 18-30 birds and blokes head out to the strips and sunshine that Europe has to offer and get our holiday on. Whether you’re a lad on tour or taking that girly gals trip, its become a sort of rite of passage for us youths to take over parts of Zante, Magaluf, Malia or Ayia Napa all in the name of drinking, dancing and casual shagging. But what is it about being in a foreign place with better weather that causes us to lose our inhibitions?

I took my first, and as of yet, only girls holiday the summer after I had finished college. Me and my two best gal pals packed up our bags and for eleven nights we stormed the streets of Zante with our Manc girl power. We wanted to create memories before we went our separate ways to our respective universities all over the country. And memories are what we made! One of us lost our virginity, one shagged her way out of her post break up slump and the other had a fumble in the hotel bar toilet just half an hour before we had to get to the airport (I’ll let you guess which one was me!) And the holiday ended in an 18 hour delay and six free ham and cheese baguettes. It truly was legendary, for all the wrong and right reasons. We well and truly let our hair down. No longer did we care what people thought of us in our swimming costumes as we writhed our soapy bodies against strangers in a foam party. When our hotel neighbours flashed their dicks to us across the balcony we barely flinched. Even when we got groped by every male in our way trying to exit a club we would feel back just to make our commute quicker. My mind didn’t think of misogyny, sexism or objectification because I was just as guilty of these things as everyone else. Being in this teen dream utopia where sex, drugs and alcohol is the everyday and no one is judging you, the sense of freedom and fun changes your attitude to all those morals that you hold onto in everyday life.

I guess we can surmise that all holidays are form of escapism, be it for a few days or weeks, they allow us to imagine that we live a life without work and schedules, we live a life of exploration and relaxation, and we can ease into our role as tourist. In being a tourist there is a level of anonymity where we become another face in the crowd. This combined with too much alcohol and sun makes you forget what inhibitions even are. So let’s forgive ourselves for what we do on holiday and instead embrace what it feels like to really let go and be young and stupid. Remember what happens in Zante stays in Zante, but it makes for some great stories later on!

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