Naked Attraction: Dating That’s Only Skin Deep

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you may have heard of Channel 4’s new and incredibly controversial dating show, Naked Attraction. It has been deemed revolutionary by some and others consider it the shallowest form of dating and television possible. Has TV literally run out of scandalous reality shows or are we being liberated from emotionally driven dating?

Quick Summary: Our contestant has five possible dates to choose from. They each stand in a coloured box which slowly reveals them as the show goes on, starting at the bottom and working its way to the top. Also they are completely naked. With each body part that is revealed a contestant is sent home based solely on which ‘body’ the contestant finds least attractive. The first round is a judgement of either their penis’ or vaginas, this is followed by bums, chests/boobs, face and finally voice. The voice, you may assume is a chance for the contestants to express themselves and perhaps get an insight into their personality. Not quite- they briefly say what their favourite and least favourite body part is and one of them gets eliminated because of the way their voice sounds. When it gets down the final two, the contestant gets naked and then picks a date. They have a naked hug on TV and then later have a clothed date.

What is truly unusual about this approach to dating is how little we ever actually get to know about the contestants, despite being overly acquainted with every lump and bump of their body. At some point their job might get a mention or where they are from, but this is either after they’ve been eliminated or if they’re one of the top two in line for the date.

I do appreciate when the contestants say how liberating it is to get up there naked as the day you were born- plus some tactical waxing and make up- and allow yourself to be judged purely for what you are in the flesh, but where is the humanity?

Is it just me that would find it impossible to pick someone to date if I didn’t have inkling into their sense of humour or attitude to life? I only ever really believed the intention of one girl on the show after she said that if she didn’t like the way someone looked naked she could never like them, for her it was about sexual attraction.

This show would be much more honest if it was a show about sex in my opinion. This show is about physical attraction, not emotional, intellectual or personality based connection. It’s obvious on the date that they both want to fuck each other, but after watching a 1 minute compilation of their small talk you wonder why they’re sent to a bar and not a hotel room.

Let’s call a spade a spade, I have no objection to naked attraction as a concept or as an approach to dating but perhaps it should cut the bullshit and name itself sexual attraction.

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