The five types of friends we all have!

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Our friends are probably the best people to have in our lives. There are so many different ways we can identify each and every one of them, but, we have compiled an easy-to-digest list of some types of friends that we all have (probably!).

The social butterfly

Number one on the list is the friend who is always in high-demand. They always have somewhere to be, someone to meet, and something to do every minute of the day and every day of the week. All month. All year. Having a good social life is great! If you want to let your hair down, this is the friend to go to!

The stay-at-home potato

After a long day, you don’t necessarily want to have somewhere to be, someone to meet, or have something to do. The social bee’s may become suffocatingly social, painfully persistent and outrageously out-going – but not to worry! They aren’t the only types of friends we have.

Incidentally, with the social bees, you will also be familiar with the stay-at-home friend who prefers movie nights over outings, a night in over a night out, and an all-nighter session on Netflix instead of an adventurous midnight trip to the cinema. They are constantly looking for any excuse to miss a party, family function, or a social gathering.

True friends don’t normally hold it against you if you choose to be anti-social. If you want to stay at home, eat Nutella, stay in your PJ’s, and snuggle up in your blanket to watch a movie marathon, there should be no judgement! Let’s face it, it is the best way to spend the night after a long day.

Your ‘daily dose’

You see this person nearly every day. At work, at school, in your neighbourhood. This is why you are friends.

You go through various experiences together and sometimes find yourselves in difficult situations, which means you begin to know one another’s personalities and habits much more. They mean more to you than an acquaintance, less than a best friend, but they are your much needed ‘daily dose’.

The workaholic

This friend will probably go insane if they aren’t working. It’s what they live for! You are inspired by their ability to work and work (while you sleep, eat, and try to carry out functional day-to-day tasks).

You might find that your ‘daily dose’ from school, work, or university, is also your workaholic friend. You share many experiences with this person as you spend a lot of your time around this person!

Workaholics make great friends. You admire their ambition and drive to succeed in their chosen walk of life. But, like some friends, they are better to be around in small doses!

More like family than friends

Last, but certainly not least, is your friend who is more like your family. You are so accustomed to their habitual needs and characteristics that you have assigned them to the ‘relatives’ category within your social circle of friends. You don’t see them every single day, and are not always at arms-reach, but you ensure to make time for this friend.

We have all heard of the saying that birds of a feather flock together – it is important to recognise what flock you’re in! For a healthy balance between our work and social lives, after all, it is essential to realise our friends for who they are to us.

Appreciate them for their greatness, and enjoy their company.

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