What did CUB do this summer?

Once exams had finally come to an end and the crises that come with them had eventually fizzled out, the CUB team dispersed across the country, continent, and planet to get on with their summer. 

Running away from our university responsibilities, the CUB team got up to all sorts. I asked around to find out exactly what a few members of the CUB team has been up to…


Angelica Hill, Editor in Chief

“I was the Brit amongst a sea of American accents. The English Lit student who, through some miracle, found herself working in the Digital Department at The New York Times for ten weeks over the summer. The first time I walked through the entrance, under the unmistakable ‘The New York Times’ logo, a wave of pride coursed through me. I was there. It wasn’t a dream. I was actually going to be working there as part of the Digital Team in the Technology Department. It went by so fast. A flash. But it was transformational. I applied in a moment of optimism, without really believing anything would ever come of it, not convinced I was good enough for one of the great global brands. But it worked out in the end. I gained experience and knowledge that will benefit me for the rest of my life. But more than that it was the people. Role models who will forever inspire. Amazing people. They were as kind and invested, as they were talented.  Women and men who really seemed to care about the next generation. My take away: If you don’t try you’ll never know. Sometimes if you want something you just have to go for it!”

To find Angelica’s full blog post on her time at the The New York Times, go to: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/forget-brexit-brintern-new-york-times-angelica-hill



Abigail Hanley, Events Coordinator

“As soon as my summer began I boarded the plane and set off to New York City with one of my closest friends. Seeing a little bit of the United States for the first time was really interesting and I cannot wait to go back one day. I also spent 2 weeks in Marmaris, Turkey, which was quite a controversial holiday destination after the recent military coup that occurred, but everything was fine, the people were lovely and I had a great time.”





Eleanor Jackson, Features Editor

“This summer has mainly been sorting out the stuff that slips down the to do list during exam season. Sorting out a home for the coming year, catching up with “home friends” and doing that volunteering you really have been meaning to do. Otherwise, I spent a bit of time in the sunny south of France, worked on lots of CUB content with the Features section and celebrated a few birthdays before I get back down to London for September. For the last few weeks of summer, I will be working as an intern on the fashion desk at Women’s Health Magazine. I’m really looking forward to working in the professional editorial environment. Then it’s straight back to uni to for second year.”




Jessica Carroll, Style Editor

“This summer I spent lots of time wandering round and exploring London, making the most of all my free time. I met up with friends from home who I hadn’t seen in ages and tried to make the most of all the sunshine.  The other style editors and I spent a lot of time writing and editing articles, as well as brain-storming ideas for future contributors. Perhaps most exciting, we applied, and were lucky enough to be approved for London Fashion Week press passes. The event is in late September, so look out for lots of Fashion Week- related articles!”



screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-22-08-43 Aaron West, Film Editor


Aaron West went on holiday to Los Angeles for two weeks, and has been writing and working on his own projects since.






Paul Webb, Film Editor


Paul Webb has been very busy, brushing shoulders with Andy Murray and Serena Williams, working as a barista at Wimbledon, 7 days a week.






Greg Dimmock, Film Editor


Greg Dimmock has been on holiday to Menorca, working for Queen Mary, and has been writing for VultureHound magazine for a few months now.





Daniella Harrison, What to do in London Columnist

“During the summer I performed in a production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” at VW Whitenoise Festival in Euston Park, Thetford. The performance comprised of four actors (3 male, 1 female) aiming to take on over twelve iconic characters and perform the show in an hour. It was a great experience putting the show together and performing in a festival environment with a wide range of audience members – and we got stellar reviews, which was fab!”





Julia Margetts, Foodie Confessions Columnist

“I spent the first part of my summer recovering and trying to pretend that exams hadn’t happened and that I wasn’t really going into final year in September. Oh, and searching for a five bed house in Mile End – just a heads up, it’s not easy, it’s not fun and it’s actually kind of soul destroying! Luckily the rest of the time was a lot more interesting. I went to Barcelona for a week and finally managed to see the Sagrada Familia, braved the megabus and visited a friend in Wales and am currently in Edinburgh working at the Fringe. There’s not been much preparation for third year but maybe if I don’t think about it then it won’t actually happen…”




Diana Stanislavova, Damsel Undistressed Columinst

“My summer always seems to wiz by. I plan to study lots and avoid procrastination but that never seems to work out. This summer I was relieved to finish my second year at uni with a decent grade and then carry on working at my part time job with children. They can be sneaky little rascals but I love a challenge and working with them is rewarding.

I also worked 10 hour shifts at Wimbledon for the second year in a row which was a hectic two weeks, and I never really got to see any tennis.

My highlight so far is going on holiday to visit my family in Russia. I usually only go once a year so visiting those closest to me is a treat.

Now I am preparing for uni again and catching up on all my literature reading while, of course, keeping up with my CUB weekly articles. Can’t wait to go back to QM!”


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