First Timers- Students, Friends and even CUB unisex editors share their first time stories

As we introduce new members to Team Unisex we decided we would all share something a little intimate about ourselves, our first time stories. Luckily we all have some lovely friends who are willing to dish about their first times too, anonymously of course.


“So I had a boyfriend, but I didn’t want to rush into anything. But at 19 I felt I had something to prove. We went on a holiday to Ayia Napa, which my friends called a “slut sesh”. At a beach party we stood next to two lads and mingled with them. I got close to one of them and we slept together in his hotel.. Although it was fun and I’ll never forget it, I do wish I hadn’t waited with my first boyfriend. He was my first love and could have made my first time more special.”


“I haven’t had my first time yet, but my brother has. I’m 21-year-old guy and he’s 17. I think the right age to lose it is 16, after you leave school because that’s when your adult life starts. I feel so pressured to have sex that I’m starting to not give a damn who it’s with or when. Everyone tells me it’s not that important but when you feel so left out. It’s hard not to see it as important.”


“My first time was on a girls holiday. I had known him all of three hours but having that holiday-no-inhibitions feeling I thought fuck it and went ahead with it. My friends were super supportive and told me to just go and have fun. We ended up in my hotel room which at the time had no electricity and smelled of the neighbouring goat farm. Though not super romantic he made me feel totally at ease, and when we both returned home we ended up reconnecting a couple times again. Not the first time fantasy, but certainly no regrets.”


“I was 18, it was with a guy I was seeing for a couple of months, we were only casually dating. He was a few years older and more experienced, so it was nice being with someone who knew what they were doing. It was at my home and I felt super comfortable, overall it was a great first time.”


‘We fell in love two summers ago, I was leaving for 9 months in Italy that September, so we knew our time together was limited. I spent those 2 months hoping it’d happen, but he was more nervous about it than me. Then a few days before I had to leave we went to the town fair, we were drunk as hell and went back to his house. It was easy and lovely and unexpected and perfect and we’re still very happy today.’

Moyan Brenn - Flickr
Moyan Brenn – Flickr

‘We were 17 and had been together around 6 months. Both of us were far too drunk at his house party – it hurt a lot and my friend walked in. Still no regrets!’


‘I was 19, and it was after a Drapers night with an acquaintance. I was so nervous and had no idea what to do, so I asked him if it was in – when it clearly was. That hurt his feelings and I had to make it up to him for the rest of the time. We never dated but we’re still friends today, though he doesn’t know I lost it to him.’

Queen Mary Students' Union
Queen Mary Students’ Union

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