How to trick yourself into thinking you’re organised – stationary style

The new university year is fast approaching and what better way is there to trick ourselves into thinking we’re even slightly prepared than buying a handful of pretty stationary? I know what you’re thinking – there isn’t one. With that decided, we’ve piled together a list of the best joints in the city to deck out your desk and make you mildly excited for your first seminar back (so you can make some good use of that funky new fountain pen). 



Located in Angel, Quill is a pretty little white wash joint with everything from personalised stationery to bespoke correspondence cards. Specialising in swirly calligraphy, Quill even run their own workshops. You will also find brands like Kate Spade here and although it’s pretty pricey for our student budgets, there’s no denying that you really desperately need a Note Card set with your initials on it.


Present and Correct

Also based in Angel, this little spot has everything you never knew you needed. With lots of vintage European influence, Present and Correct is the right place to find something cool and unique. Also, this is the place to find paperclips in shapes you didn’t know where necessary, as well as all the rubbers and stamps you could ever need. There’s absolutely no better way to fritter away your student loan.


Search and Rescue

Selling not just notebooks and pens, Search and Rescue also sells all the knick-knacks to fill every pocket of your student room. From jewellery and kitchenware, all the way to the ever necessary pencils and pens. You’ll also catch a few of the bigger brands in this Stoke Newington spot, so this is a good spot to find that Rifle Paper Company notebook to whip out in that first lecture back.


Choosing Keeping

Not far from us at Queen Mary, this popular Hackney spot is a real winner. This one is a great spot for notebooks, as well as pens and those revision markers. Choosing Keeping is a good spot to head to if you’re getting anxious about colour-coding your binder clips with the rest of your stationary haul. Also, the convenient E2 postcode makes this a perfect retreat to head to if you need a reward after for dragging yourself to your 9am seminar.

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