Love in the City

There is something so romantic about London. Some people may say Paris is the most romantic city in the world, but to me, it’s London. I couldn’t tell you why. Whether it’s the picturesque locations or the feeling of infinite opportunities and possibilities, or maybe the way it’s romanticized in films and glamorized in songs, I don’t know. But, there is something about the city that encourages you to fall in love, even forces you to. And when you do, you are rewarded tenfold.

Falling in love in London is like living in a dream. A date doesn’t have to be a trip to the cinema or going out to dinner, though it could, if you’d like. But, it could be strolling down Brick Lane on a Sunday morning, or spending your first Valentine’s Day together at the Shard. It could be picnics at sunny Victoria Park, and evenings spent at the theatre. It could be an anniversary dinner overlooking the Thames or a concert in Shoreditch. Living in the city allows an infinite amount of possibilities, and makes a blossoming relationship all that more magical.

Being in love in the city changes the way you see it, too. Having a constant companion to try new coffee shops or explore untrodden roads with in this wonderful city is extraordinary. Someone to explore, discover and experience London with. Sharing these moments with somebody you love is simply incomparable. Every place visited and every restaurant eaten at becomes little bit more special, because it’s a memory created and shared together. London is no longer ‘my London,’ but ‘our London.’ Looking down at the city from the top of Primrose Hill is breathtaking as it is. But, the feeling of sharing that experience with someone you love, looking down and thinking, ‘This is our city,’ is indescribable.

However, while the rewards for love in the city are great, the consequences are equally as enormous. Heartbreak in the city means avoiding a coffee shop that reminds you of them, or pain in your chest when you pass the restaurant you went to on your anniversary. It’s not listening to a band because they remind you of that concert in Shoreditch, and cursing the Shard for being so tall, because who can avoid three hundred and ten meters? Heartbreak in the city means not minding going home, because there’s less there to remind you of them. Not minding spending a semester away from the city and your friends, being more excited to spend a few months in a new city, a new country, with new people. Heartbreak in the city means realizing that it isn’t ‘our London’ anymore, and it never will be again. It’s only yours, and mine.

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