My First Love

They say that the best memories in your life will be your accomplishments, such as winning a trophy in a school tournament, winning an achievement award at high school, graduating high school, getting into college, graduating college, getting a job, and then getting promoted. The list goes on. But, I disagree with the statement. That’s not to say I find it ludicrous, but purely because my best memories aren’t revolved around my career but around love. And with one love in particular. My first love.

It’s quite funny actually. I was 17 and had never even kissed a girl, yet in late 2013, I met her through high school friends and then all of a sudden four other girls started talking to me. All at once! As if I was the biggest catch on the market. I won’t lie, the attention I received was quite something, and there was something unique about each of the girls. Some were from different countries, some were sportier than the others, some were more academically gifted and some just lived in a better neighbourhood.

So I spoke to all of them, not daily no, but once a week, exchanging emails, sending pictures, even getting to know their friends and family along the way. I’d go visit each of the girls in their home town, I’d get to know the area they lived in, what their parents expected of me, the reaction of their friends on the thought of me and her together – just everything about each of the girls. I even went to go visit a girl in Scotland, which was no easy feat for a scrawny little kid in Cyprus. None of them knew I spoke to the other. It was hell.

Do you know what it’s like spending so much time and money on a girl and not knowing if she loves you back? It’s hard. Now imagine that with five girls. Simultaneously. Yeah, that was my life between the ages of 17 and 18. One whole year of girls. I grew sick of it. Unfortunately for me, the first girl rejected me two months in. She called me late at night to tell me I wasn’t the kind of guy she was looking for and that she wished me well in life. I was heartbroken, for like a week, because inside every cloud there is a silver lining. Instead of five girls, there was now four.

Normally for your average Adonis that’s bad news, but for me it meant spending less time and money on one girl and focusing on four others. Shortly after however, both the second girl and third girl both called me up within a week. One of them told me that I wasn’t smart enough for her and that she needed a genius by her side. In all fairness, I am no Einstein so I’ll give her that. The other told me that the distance wouldn’t work and she preferred to date a guy in her town. To be fair, I wasn’t ready to be in a long distance relationship with some chick from Scotland.

So now we’re in early 2014. Springtime to be exact. I was still talking to the last two girls, they both seemed to like me. I would talk to them more and more, they’d ask me how my studies were going, how my family was going, what my interests were, my hobbies etc. It was good. I would visit them regularly, without them knowing I was seeing the other. It was utter bliss until the summer of ‘14, when I was set to leave to university. I had a choice to make, I couldn’t continue seeing two girls whilst at university, because there’d be no time for that. I had to focus on my studies, so I could only be with one girl, if I was to be with anyone. So I decided to wait until the end of my exams to decide.

I spoke to my dad about it and we listed everything I liked about each girl and I’d make a decision based on that. The one girl, she was super into sports, she was the smarter of the two, she was in a perfect sized town where everything was walking distance, she had a cute northern accent, she wasn’t fussy about money, she was really into saving the environment, her dad ran the oldest newspaper in the UK and lived in the UK’s oldest house.

The other was the more modern of the two, she had the more expensive taste, she was quiet but she made a huge impact in my life, she drove me crazy with the delays in her emails but she’d always make up for it with a joke or two, she lived right by the canal, she was a bit erratic but she always put my best interest at heart but most of all she made me want to be the best version of myself.

And once I realised that I didn’t think twice. I waited till the end of exams and called both called girls. I rejected the first girl because even though she was amazing she lived too far away for me to commit and I ended up seeing her as a confidant, not as a girlfriend. She understood and wished me well in life. Once I hung up, I turned around and the other girl, the one I truly loved, was right behind me. It was at that moment I realised I had fallen madly in love.

Her name: Queen Mary University of London.

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