Single Review: Dorje – ‘Flower of Life’


Bands with their own sound in the genre of Progressive Rock/Metal are hard to come by. It’s always hopeful to hear a group of musicians who can release music that pushes these boundaries, let alone continue doing that with each release. In today’s overtly complex music business, Dorje have managed to do this over and over again. They have managed to go beyond just being a band from Southern England to No.1 in the UK ITunes charts for Rock music with their last EP release Catalyst (2015). Now, after a string of successful UK tours and some unique international festival dates, they’ve announced their upcoming EP Centered and One. Bonus Point? They just released a single off of it and it’s incredible.

Although most singles are radio friendly/easily listenable songs that can tend to lack a sense of creativity/originality, Dorje seems to have put out a single that is strong and musically complex from the EP. ‘Flower of Life’ is a song that is known to have existed for quite a while, and fans of theirs would be more than delighted to listen to it in its entirety. Released along with a simple, yet aesthetically appealing music video, the song sends one clear message – Dorje are certainly one of the best modern Progressive Rock bands to come out of the United Kingdom in the past few years.

The song is very intelligently written and has some really interesting production maneuvers that make the song sound unique in its own way. Don’t get me wrong, it still has the Dorje sound their fans know and love, but it seems that they have evolved to quite an extent from their last release. The most apparent evolution is the voice of YouTube mega-star Rob Chapman. From their first release ‘Aeromancy’ in 2012 to ‘Flower of Life’ now, his voice has transformed from being a ‘guitar player who can sing’ to the voice of a ‘roaring lion inside an angel’. His melodic verses and raspy choruses are lovely to listen to, whilst the last vocal section in the song sends you into a blissful angry rage. The band, comprising of Ben Minal [Drums], Dave Hollingworth [Bass] and Rabea Massaad [Guitars] is strong as ever and provide an absolutely thunderous backbone for Rob [Guitar/Lead Vocals] to openly flaunt his god-like musicianship. And that’s not all, Chapman delivers a soul crushing guitar solo in between that will make many guitar players reconsider their approach to playing their instrument.

If this is what a taste of what the rest of the EP is going to be like, I can surely guarantee that this EP will also reach No.1 at the charts again, maybe in a few more countries this time. Centered and One will officially be released on October 14th 2016. Until then, pre-order the EP like I have or even better, hear this song along with others on Dorje’s upcoming UK tour. All links provided underneath:




November 2016 Tour Dates: 

7th Nov / London, The Borderline – (

8th Nov / Glasgow, Audio – (

9th Nov / Manchester, Star And Garter – (…)

10th Nov / Leeds, Key Club – (…)

11th Nov / Gwynedd, Hard Rock Hell *SOLD OUT*

12th Nov / Nottingham, Rock City Basement – (

13th Nov / Birmingham, O2 Academy 3 – (…) O2 Priority – (…)

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