Bread. It’s so versatile. People dedicate their lives to bread and dough, *cough* Paul Hollywood *cough*. My friends would probably say that I too have a doughy soft spot for this carb, and the other day I found a way to liven it up a bit. It only uses a few ingredients but makes a satisfying snack or light lunch, if you have the following: bread, butter, garlic (optional), mushrooms, spinach, and cheese (I used mozzarella but cheddar is likewise a decent option, halloumi would probably work as well).

Preheat the grill to a low-medium temperature. Slice a little butter and put it in a pan on a low heat to melt whilst you dice a glove of garlic. Chuck this in. Slice and chop up a few handlefuls of mushrooms, these will reduce down in size a lot so if you think you’ve put in too many don’t worry, it’s probably the perfect amount. Drop these into the pan, stir it all around and cover with a lid to let the mushrooms soften. Whilst this cooks, place two pieces of bread on a baking tray, and get two slices of cheese ready as these will go on top of the mix. Keep an eye on the mushrooms and stir if necessary. Chop up a couple of handfuls of spinach and, if the mushrooms are looking good, stir it in all together. Serve equally onto the slices of bread, press the cheese on top and slide under the grill. It takes hardly any time at all for the cheese to melt so keep a close eye on it and take it out as soon as it’s to your liking. To up your classiness with this take on what is essential grilled cheese on toast, it’s actually easier to eat with a knife and fork. I’d like to think my parents would be proud of how far I’ve come, or admire what I put together with the few things left in my fridge.

I’d love to say I would try this recipe again in a heartbeat, but, in true student fashion, I need to go food shopping asap.

If you try this ‘recipe’, or any of the other cobbled together foodie endeavours, take a photo and tag @cubmagazine

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