Beware the Beginning of Cuffing Season

What is cuffing season? It’s that time of year where it starts to get a bit chillier and the desire to be snuggly becomes almost overwhelming … and the need to be in a relationship comes with it. Whereas the summer can create feelings of freedom, where you want to soak up the sun as your single self and maybe make the most of a summer flings, the winter tends to do the opposite. Wanting someone to snuggle up all cosy in bed with, perhaps being able to hold gloved hands round a Christmas market and even somebody to kiss under the mistletoe- all of these are classic syndromes of cuffing season.

Now don’t get it confused – even if you are already in a relationship this does not mean you are immune to the effects of cuffing season. Even somebody in a relationship can find themselves getting an unusual desire to force their partner to ‘lovingly sip mulled wine’ with them while wrapped in big scarves. However, there is always the unfortunate chance that your partner is not as easily influenced by the winter weather- leaving the other with the cold shoulder. Therefore, being single and finding yourself a fellow cuffing enthusiast may mean you are better off than those already coupled- so if you are getting a hankering for some winter wooing now may be a good time to hit up Tinder or your preferred match maker to find yourself someone who needs a woolly hatted companion (even if it does only last through the winter).

But do remember – the cuffing season will pass and soon the spring will shine again. So don’t get too swept up in what can be a short lived seasonal feeling. Of course all of the joys of cuffing season can be enjoyed without a significant other. Remember the festive season is often best enjoyed with family, especially for students who are away from home most of the year, embrace this time for movie night with your mum or board games with your brother. Or why not hit those markets with your friends, rock your best winter look and start on the mulled wines and baileys hot chocolates with your pals, you know they’ll hold your hand in the ice skating rink and pick you up if you fall. And as for someone to snuggle up in bed with, just chuck on a few extra blankets and enjoy not having to share them, plus no one there to stick their cold feet on you!

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