Kylie Cosmetics

If you haven’t heard about Kylie Cosmetics then you must have been living under a rock. Famous for her controversially plump and luscious lips, Kylie Jenner has always been one to rock a lipstick. Her brand came as a blessing to every lipstick junkie out there, with hopes of her “passion for makeup” showing through in the quality of her products. But are her products really worth the hype?

With a following of 74.8m on her Instagram, it’s safe to say that the demand for her lippies is very high. Her products sell out in minutes, so to actually buy something is a miracle. For the lucky ones who do, but are sadly over here in the UK, we’re faced with a $15 shipping charge, as well as an additional £17 customs charge which you have to pay in order to pick up your parcel, so that is a factor to keep in mind. What may seem to be a great value lip kit for $30 can very quickly turn into a pricey £50 purchase. Try buying products with a friend so that you can split the costs, it will be much more worthwhile.

The special edition mini mattes are adorable, the bottles are only 0.02 fl oz (compared to the regular 0.11 fl oz) but they are the perfect size for your bag on a night out.

The special edition rose gold cream eyeshadow has a really sophisticated plain gold packaging, an amazing buttery formula and has great pigmentation. It applies better when patted on with your finger rather than a brush, and is surprisingly longwearing as it dries after about 30 seconds.

The lip liners are very creamy and easy to apply, however, they do get blunt easily and need to be sharpened quite frequently. They dry matte and are extremely long lasting, even when worn on their own.

The liquid lipsticks have a great formula that dries relatively quickly and is quite durable. The nude colours wear better than the darker colours as the fading is less noticeable, but this is the same story for every brand. Darker colours like Leo have a tendency to be patchy and on a pale soul can dry a lot darker than they look in the bottle. It’s probably advisable to find pictures of people with similar skin tones to you wearing the colours, to gauge what they would look like before you make a purchase, helping to avoid any regrets.

Even though there are much cheaper alternatives to the lipsticks with almost identical colours, with Kylie Cosmetics you are paying for the quality and name of the product. Overall, Kylie’s products are definitely worth the effort and price. It’s unfortunate that her products sell out so quickly but the trick is to keep trying at every release and to not get too disheartened if you miss out. She restocks very frequently so your time will come!


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