Sightseeing Through the Sex Shops of Soho

This week has been a special week for me. No not because Trump won (sobs quietly and remembers Brexit exists) it’s about some happier news actually – me and my fella are celebrating our one year anniversary as a legit, sort of grown up, semi-serious couple. This is my first ever full year dating someone, so we decided to celebrate in some normal and then some less conventional ways. We went for our favourite burgers at Five Guys, we took a trip to the theatre to see Wicked… oh and we also decided to explore the world of Soho’s sex shops.

Now I cannot lie part of this was a vanity project, I had been meaning to have a look around at what Soho had to offer in the hopes to write something about London’s sexiest area. So I figured why not take my boyfriend with me and make a date of it, and maybe pick up something special for us while we were there. It’s also very reassuring to have someone there with you when you feel new to this world, especially someone who understands you sexually.

The first place we headed was the not so unique Ann Summers. Yes these can be found on many local highstreets, but nonetheless it is a great starter place for anyone who is a little unsure as to what they’re after. Be it some cute lacy undies, yummy smelling lubes or a butt plug trainer kit, Ann Summers offers a great selection, especially for people who want to start small and work their way up. And of course for those more experienced in the world of sex toys, they are most known for their selection of Rampant Rabbit vibrators, luckily their staff are often right on hand with advice and suggestions if this world is a little alien to you. Having the high street seal of approval made me a little less nervous when walking in.

The next place we ended up was definitely more geared towards gay men. With the most beautiful and colour coordinated selection of trunks, undies and jock straps I was very impressed. However, it was pretty evident that ladies, though welcome, just didn’t have as much of a selection to choose from here. But nonetheless, it was a chilled, relaxed environment which I felt a lot more comfortable in than I had anticipated. But I was selfish and wanted to see what was out there for me.

The final place we ended up (because by this point we had worked up an appetite and needed our burgers) was Soho’s Original Book Shop- which is partly an erotic bookshop partly a sex shop. It had everything from boob books, dildos, chains and whips and a downstairs dedicated to an extensive porn library. We had a good browse and got particularly startled by the strap-on selection – mostly because of how heterosexual the advertising was for the ‘ultimate lesbian strap on experience’. Furthermore, their selection of gimp masks and torture toys took us by surprise being placed daintily in a glass cabinet like prized art. The lack of judgement I felt from staff or other customers as we went about our browsing was freeing. We even purchased ourselves a little something.

Things to note if you wish to explore: Sex toys aren’t cheap. Sex shops aren’t scary. And Soho is the perfect place to explore this world.

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