Donald Trump is the new President of the United States of America.

We all know this. However, this which seems on the surface to be a horror story is in fact non-fiction, and we must step back and realise the sheer reality of this inconceivable and very real statement.

A monumental (and when I say monumental, I mean it in the most negative of forms) win for the Dark Lord himself as the president, and the U.S. has now experienced a shift from the embodiment of acceptance and love of Obama, to a controversial future led by a man who continually seems to be unashamedly misogynistic, racist, homophobic, fascist, xenophobic, and sexist.

This has not only taken America by surprise, but the world. What makes this election different to the last was the overall discourse of the American people, it pinpointed the people so susceptible to such hatred filled rhetoric and those who harboured such racist and radical views. This caused a complete divide to appear through the country that evidently resulted in many attacks (verbal and physical) towards minority communities, thus showcasing and demonstrating, sadly, how hate is still instilled in so many American psyches.

Since this colossal historical change has happened, it’s only a matter of time until he boards his jet and flies over here to meet with Theresa May. Politics aside for this moment, (there must be some form of humour to lighten the mood), his impending shudder-worthy presence makes me wonder what kinds of foods he will eat on his trip here. Will he indulge in top notch British foods as May attempts to establish a continual trade agreement with the U.S. and a snap at being pally-pally in order to not be in his firing line. Or will the man who plans to ‘Make America Great Again’ (?) just take a trip to the nearest Five Guys or the golden arches for a piece of home? Here are a few suggestions just to invoke the British irony for him to possibly try (also inspired by a few of his policies*):

• Sausage and a thick wall of mash – “80) Build a wall along the Mexican border”

• ‘Grab ‘em by the juicy’ lamb – Speaks for itself with added atrocious rhyming.

• A singular ‘Wotsit’, or ‘Cheeto’ to make it more U.S. relevant.

• Chinese food – just because we know he’ll love it!

• Meal cooked by a Brit who can’t cook, despite Polish born Mike being perfectly qualified – “92) Require companies to hire American workers first”

• Trip to Wahaca.

Obviously, a serious tone is vital towards the forthcoming UK connection to the U.S. and what is more vital is that we unite in what is right, and let the flame of hatred go out.

*No offence is intended in any way in regards to his exceedingly radical views.

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