The Coffee Room: Mile End

I’ve started drinking coffee.

I’m a little late to the party, I know. Call it the stress of the election. Put it down to the excessive amount of reading needed for third year. Blame a severe lack of sleep, I don’t mind. All I know is that I would 100% categorically not make it to my 9am seminar without it and I’m not ashamed of that. Although I did spend half a shift at work questioning my boss as to how much coffee, exactly, was too much coffee. [She said she didn’t know. Or really care. So that was nice.]

I’m well aware that my “coffee” is currently more sugar and milk than actual caffeine, but I’m getting there. I’ve also been told that apparently I’m committing a cardinal coffee sin; I like instant, don’t like using the cafeteria and only really buy caramel lattes. [All of the clichés, I know.] But still, I didn’t mind. I was mature now, surely? Coffee = actual adulthood, after all. I was more than ready to go into a proper coffee shop and order an actual coffee and revel in my new found sophistication.

And then I went to The Coffee Room, on Grove Road, and my plans were shattered.

As you might expect from the name, The Coffee Room serves coffee. Good coffee. Proper coffee. It serves other things too, like cakes, and sandwiches on sourdough bread, and pastries and everything else that you might possibly want for breakfast. But mostly it serves coffee. And, to my horror, apparently caramel lattes don’t count as proper coffees and so aren’t really served in a proper coffee shop.

I decided to deal with this minor setback, given that a) the café was small and quaint and made me forget momentarily that I was in Mile End and b) they had blankets. Blankets. On the chairs. I was sold. I ordered a mocha instead. I settled into one of the blanketed chairs and imagined I was actually in Italy. It was great.

The café is small enough to feel cosy but big enough to have tables people can work at; it’s got outside seating overlooking Grove Road and a garden at the back (which it was too cold to venture into but which looked pretty lovely.) The staff were friendly and polite and despite my reservations my mocha was great! The slow conversion from tea to coffee continues…

All in all, I was sold on The Coffee Room. It’s well worth the extra minute walk from Starbucks, is cheap enough to get a take-away and not feel too guilty and didn’t seem overly crowded or cramped. Although they don’t have Christmas cups… so choose wisely.

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