The Break of my Mother’s Blessing

“The child defeated the mother screaming…”

Read the anonymous submission by Joan of Arc.


The shoes on your feet were a choice we made,

You flew, you surpassed; you sunk,

You fell and they became your choice.

The pain became your cross to bear,

But child,


The clothes on your back were no coincidence,

The heat you felt, pounding in me.


Pump to pump,

Ashes to tip toe,

You became quiet.


You bore the brunt,

The scorch for you to tie and tie,

To wrap, to blister and to be.

You did all of this for me, to me

And I sank, and I fell and I saw.


The step, the mile, the channel crossed.

The word unspoken, the song sank,

The child defeated the mother screaming,

And the silence that spoke and whispered and screamed.


And the child whose silence soared,

Who’s scream blistered

Who’s words unheard sank into me,

And you,

And we.

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