Excuse My French Part 9: Departure

Sadly, this is my last column before I move back to England. The time has come for me to repack my gargantuan suitcase and start the journey back home. As I sit hear listening to Wham! and eating France’s pathetic attempt at wotsits, I contemplate what a whirlwind semester it’s been for us here in Avignon.

Off to a haunting start of continuous administrative hurdles, we were a bit shaken by having to sort out our accommodation and university. But, naturally, the 36-degree sun in the South of France had a magical way of brightening our days right up. With trips to various provincial towns and cities, it’s safe to say we have had a good old time exploring our surroundings, all the while tentatively dodging the dog shit and creepy French men. It’s definitely been an adventure, that’s for sure.

The time has flown at a frightening speed though. After a trip to Paris this week, the Orange Marché de Noël this weekend, and a couple of rushed days sorting out the last of the dreaded admin, there will be no time left here. Unfortunately, my last precious week here will be predominantly spent revising for exams that I am almost certainly going to fail, but I am filled with a strange sense of pride at the fact that, having not read a single book on any of my courses, I have managed to pass the majority of my exams with 2:1s and even a couple of 1s. It is a feeling of true Erasmus satisfaction.

It’s been a really amazing semester when I think about it, despite all the obstacles and difficulties we’ve encountered here. This is the true success of my Erasmus: having a great time, having never trodden in dog shit (as of yet), and having passed exams without doing a smidge of work. But I sincerely hope none of my teachers ever learn that.


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