Five East End Eats for a Fiver.

Two of my favourite things are food and saving money.

As a stingy northern student, the latter is of greater importance to me. I assume that as you are reading this, you are probably a little bit skint too. So without further ado, here is a whistle-stop tour of some of my favourite East End eateries, for the saving student.

Rinkoff’s Bakery

Rinkoff’s is located through an archway in Whitechapel – a rather serene location hidden away from the chaos of Mile End Road. This family-run bakery has been providing freshly-baked bread and cakes, to the locals for over a century. In a city where pop-ups are the norm, longevity in an establishment is unusual. It is clear to see why this place has stood the test of time, but don’t just take my word for it- check it our for yourself!

Pictured: The PB&J Crodough – £2.80



Beigel Shop

The Beigel Shop can be found on Brick Lane, and the best thing is that it is open 24 hours a day! Established in 1855, the shop claims their recipe has never been changed or altered. What is their most well-known Beigel I hear you ask? Look no further than their Rainbow Beigels for an answer.

Pictured: The Rainbow Beigel with cream cheese – 50p for the bagel, with extra for the filling



Cereal Killer Café

The infamous Cereal Killer Café (with cafes on both Brick Lane and in Camden) has caused much controversy since it opened. This is due to the perceived gentrification of Brick Lane. That aside, if you want somewhere to chill and consume copious amounts of E-numbers whilst sat among 90s memorabilia, then CKC is the place for you. The menu features over 100 cereals from around the world, which can be coupled with a huge variety of milks and toppings. They sell Pop Tarts too! If you are struggling to create the perfect combination, then the ‘Cereal Cocktails’ section has options priced between £3-5 for you to indulge in, carefully selected by the makers themselves.

Pictured: Unicorn Poop Cereal Cocktail – £4.80




Opening its doors earlier this year, Sweet is located next to Stepney Green Station on Mile End Road. It provides an extensive menu of sweet treats that are not for the fainthearted. The vast array of crepes, shakes, cakes, and ice cream come right under the £5 budget, but their Alto Shakes and waffles are definitely worth spending that little bit extra for.

Pictured: The Torch Alto Shake – £6.95



Foxcroft and Ginger

Foxcroft & Ginger is a self-proclaimed, laid-back all day dining spot – and I agree! The atmosphere is tranquil; a perfect spot for studying, or a late-night coffee with a friend. Both the brunch and lunch dishes are priced around £3-8, and a lot of the produce is made fresh and locally sourced,  such as their sourdough bread, or cakes and pastries, which are made in Soho that very same day!

Pictured: Vanilla Chai – £2.50


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