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Let me introduce you to The Caress, a 3-piece band from New Cross in South East London.

Fusing whimsical lyrics and optimistic, jangling guitar riffs, The Caress echo past greats like The Smiths, but also bring something new to the table: burning energy. Take their lead single, ‘Why Don’t We Take A Walk By The Sea?’ – it builds gradually into a propulsive chorus decked out with tumbling guitar licks. It’s a song that brims with romantic escapism.

Here at CUB magazine, we are honoured to premier the video for their new single, ‘Animal Passion’. The song is a well-crafted tale that follows a figure who “craves an x-rated evening of animal passion” but is “past their sell-by-date.” It has wit and an added sprinkle of irony. Check out the video here:

While the band were recording the track, I got to ask them a few questions about their influences, dreams and being brothers.

Why are you called ‘The Caress’?

We’ve always connected with band names that are preceded by ‘The’ – The Kinks, The Strokes, The Smiths and the word ‘Caress’ crops up in a lot of our favourite songs from the 1950’s and 60’s so we thought it’d be quite fitting to use it.

How did you form? (Did you always want to be musicians?)

We grew up together in the same house and, when we discovered bands and pop music, we became obsessed. We learnt the entirety of the first Strokes, Arctic Monkeys and Franz Ferdinand records and began to write our own stuff. We have always been interested in music however, we each have our individual loves. Sam loves performing arts and acting, Ben loves poetry and literature. However, we always return to the music as it’s where we are at our most content and comfortable.

Describe your sound for us…

Our sound is influenced by Phil Spector’s ‘Wall of Sound’, 60s Girl Bands and 80s Indie Bands. We love emotive pop songs with huge walls of noise, but also try to pair that with interesting lyrics. As we’re only a three piece, we like to use as many intricacies as possible so we often use three part harmonies and dynamics as much as possible.

Who are your biggest influences?

We love 80s Indie bands like Orange Juice, as well as 60’s girl groups like The Ronettes and The Shangri-Las. Northern Soul is also a big favourite. However, we’re really influenced by the music and work ethic of modern indie bands like The Horrors, Wild Beasts and Interpol. Lyrically, we’re very influenced by the likes of Ray Davies, Morrissey and Jarvis Cocker. We love wordsmiths, storytellers and lyrics that deal with everyday life in an unconventional way.

What’s the backstory of the new single?

Our new single ‘Animal Passion’ is about a character coming to terms with the end of a relationship. The main themes are paranoia, desperation and sexual frustration. The tension chord in the chorus was where the song really began, we think it creates a certain sense of insecurity and darkness within the track. We’ve always considered The Smith’s ‘The Queen Is Dead’ as a reference point, due to both its light and darkness.

What’s your writing process? You’re brothers – do you ever argue over lyrics and stuff?

Ben or Tom usually write instrumentals in their bedrooms and record them before adding melodies and lyrics later down the line. We usually have a finalised ‘Home Demo’ version that we take to the rehearsal room before deciding whether to keep the track or carry on working on it. We are perfectionists at heart- we throw away songs if they aren’t up to scratch. Any keepers go into the studio and we record the final versions. We are close, being brothers, but we’re pretty good with each other on the whole!

If you could play any venue in the world, what would it be?

We have a huge connection to Brixton Academy as we went to see a lot of bands there when we were younger. The likes of Interpol, The Cribs and Foals to name a few. However, going to Reading festival was another defining part of our musical journey, so yeah, it would great to play that one. 


To Listen to more great tracks by The Caress, go to their Soundcloud:

The Caress Animal Passion:



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