New Year, New… Food?

So, 2016 is nearly over. Thank god. It’s been a long year all round – Brexit, Trump, politics in general – and no matter what your ideologies, it seems like the world has come to the collective conclusion that the last twelve months should just be written off completely (if only). Let’s just pretend they didn’t happen, eh?

When you think about what has actually happened, it doesn’t sound too bad an idea. We’ve seen the triumph of UKIP, the resignation (twice over) of Nigel Farage, his foray into American politics, and that infamous selfie in the golden elevator. We’ve seen a series of ever more frequent terrorist attacks, the disaster and destruction of Aleppo, the threat of a far-right ‘wave’ across Europe. We’ve seen the schism of the Labour party, the deaths of an endless list of celebrities… the list of doom goes on and on. There’s a ridiculous amount of reasons why this year has been pretty terrible, all round, and an equally ridiculous amount of reasons as to why we shouldn’t forget it, but learn from it instead.

All this uncertainty has meant that the incessant ‘new year, new me’ statuses and declarations and resolutions that normally crop up in the run up to December 31st have decreased slightly. There have, obviously, been other implications which are vastly more important for the world but for today, right now, let’s focus on the everyday.

Everyone, at some stage, in some form, has made a food based resolution, right? You’re going to eat more healthily – and for a week, you do, until a housemate buys a cake or you’re in the library and it’s 11pm and you’ve forgotten to bring any food with you. You’re going to eat less, generally; you’re going to cook meals in advance; you’re going to drink more water… The list goes on and on. Resolutions to do with food and dieting are right up there with ‘I’m going to the gym every day’, ‘I’m going to plan all my essays in advance’ and ‘I’m not leaving anything until deadline day ever again.’ Well meaning, definitely, but not always that life-changing. 

So, with this in mind, and after eating my third Christmas dinner in the space of two weeks, I tried to think of some food based resolutions for 2017. I turned to my family for some inspiration – had any of them actually succeeded in their foodie self-improvement efforts? Would they be willing for me to exploit them in the name of a CUB article? Sadly, this didn’t go as well as I’d hoped. My dad has never made a New Year’s resolution in his life and my aunt couldn’t understand why anyone would want to change their food habits, ever, regardless of the year. My uncle claimed that his only resolution had been to ‘give up alcohol between midnight – 6am’ and that it had been working very well for him so far. Thanks, everyone. Thanks.

There are several ‘foodie’ resolutions that I could try to stick to. I could drink less coffee. I could drink better coffee (no more instant.) I could cook healthier meals and I could try new recipes. I could drink more water and less tea. (All of those would be great, actually, now that I think about it.) Mainly, though, I want to get more adventurous with food.

Let’s make 2017 a year of risk – good risks only though, please.

What are your New Years resolutions?

Do you have any – and if you do, are they to do with food?

Let us know and we can try (and maybe fail) together… and on that note, Happy New Year!



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