The Breakfast Club

An element about university, particularly universities in big cities like London and New York, is the diversity of students you meet. There are people from all kinds of cultures and backgrounds, different styles and looks, all coming together, and potentially being friends. I’ve experienced this back at Queen Mary and here at Hunter College, and the experience reminded me of one of my favourite movies, The Breakfast Club.

The 1985 John Hughes film is about five archetypal characters, a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess, and a criminal, who come to the conclusion that they have more in common than they initially thought. I wanted to take this aspect of the movie and turn it into a photo-shoot, through styling five models after the movie characters, while switching the gender roles to make it more contemporary. I thought a male princess and a female athlete, for example, would reflect people of today’s society, rather than fitting into the tight stereotypes.

What my stylist and makeup artist, Juliana Chalen, and I wanted to get across with the looks was how the characters are completely distinct from one another. Auriol, the criminal, is rocking double leather and pink hair, giving off a rebellious, too cool for school vibe; while Caitlin, portraying the brain, in her long plaid skirt and button up shirt, is more too school for cool. Hopefully, all the models come off as being a group of friends, no matter how diverse they may be, which I think is a truthful, and fortunate representation of life at university.





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