The Great Pube Debate

Does anyone really have any idea of what we are supposed to do with our pubes nowadays? Particularly for us ladies – do we go for the Brazilian, the Hollywood, the landing strip or the natural bush? It seems like in modern life there are just too many options when it comes to our downstairs hair situation. So how on earth do we figure out what to do with it?

Part of this confusing pressure comes from what we see in porn. It seems porn stars, regardless of gender, either seem to be hairless from top to toe or have some stylist inspired bush going on that no amount of razor-in-the-shower precision could match up to. It makes you wonder, is this really what sexual partners expect from us? Which undoubtedly means you spend wasted hours and money trying to perfect what is supposedly the only seductive body hair to have, regardless of how impossible or painful this genital look may be to achieve.

This is a concern I am sure many of us have had, feeling paranoid about the way we look naked for far more reasons than body hair. But for some reason pubic hair seems like a manageable and sexy way to tackle looking good in the bedroom. As soon as you are naked the only real expression of self we have left to show is the way we style our hair, but how much does it really say about us? And do you judge others on their pubic hair?

It is generally understood that pubic hair is there for hygienic and a cavemen-like visibility of showing that one is of a sexually viable and of a productive age. Yes our pubes do more than just get on our pristine modern day nerves. They help us release our pheromones and let people know that our bodies are developed and ready for a sexual encounter. But yet we still struggle and sigh over them not looking the right kind of sexy.

The truth is whether you have a natural, never trimmed bush or a completely bare downstairs region- if somebody is wanting and consenting to go down there they have no reason to judge you. Your hair is your business, especially in such an intimate area. Everybody has different preferences and a level of comfort when it comes to their own privates, whether it’s to do with their hair type or aesthetic choices, the point is you should never judge. If your partner’s hair is getting in the way, there are polite ways to suggest different styles, but bear in mind their personal preferences. Pubes cause more concern than they really should. So my message is- be comfortable, be yourself and if your partner really likes you they will think you’re sexy regardless of pubes

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