The Power of the Ugly Christmas Jumper

Winter is without a doubt my favourite time of year. The leaves have fallen, the air is chilly, and this year I can fulfil my childhood fantasy of walking through the city wearing cosy layers and looking at London’s beautiful Christmas lights. Whilst summer is the time of tans and crop tops, winter offers fashion lovers the opportunity to experiment with layers and textures. A thick knitted jumper and leather look tight fitting trousers encapsulates the chic style I’ve come to associate with the stereotypical London lady, a woman who is in control and knows exactly what she is doing with her life. However, at Christmas there is a magical change of events, with fashion lovers everywhere swapping chic neutrals for bright, sparkly jumpers covered in Christmas decorations.

Christmas jumpers are ugly; it is a fact we have all accepted. However, the rise in ugly Christmas jumpers has created a trend that is easy for everyone to copy, even the people who are terrified of trying anything new for fear of looking stupid. The beauty of the garish jumper is that the dumber you look the more you’ve mastered the trend.  If you can find a jumper that plays Jingle Bells every time you squeeze Rudolph’s nose you may become the star of Christmas rather than the strange person everyone is avoiding on the tube.

The presence of the ugly Christmas jumper has been immortalized by films such as Bridget Jones’s Diary, where the always awkward Mark Darcy, played by Colin Firth, wears a festive green turtle neck with a Rudolph design, and with high street shops such as Topshop and Primark jumping on the jumper trend there is no reason as to why Darcy’s flawless winter fashion cannot be emulated. Whilst some may feel like the Christmas jumper trend is as annoying as it is ugly, I appreciate the joy and laughter behind obnoxiously festive clothing. I know for certain that I’ll be throwing on a jumper and jeans on Christmas Day rather than planning the perfect party outfit, and even if I don’t look fashionable, at least I’ll be having a good time.

Merry Christmas from the Style Editors of CUB!!!!

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