There Goes my Ann Summers Virginity

The holidays are over and we still have days off together, so what do me and my girlfriend decide to do today? We bravely face that fear bearing over us for years. We walked with our heads held high…straight into ‘Ann Summers.

We have a mutual friend who spends hundreds in there (today her bill was £99) so she guided us in the beginning, but may I say, we didn’t need her for long. The initial fear and awkwardness fades once you see a moustachioed older man standing next to his infant daughter in her pram as he stares blankly at the dildos and sexual body chocolate. I was surprised how quickly the fear left me, it’s odd but you kind of feel like you’re in your own little bubble inside that shop. We barely noticed the passers-by outside. I became engrossed in this darkened world of red, purple, and black underwear and sex toys I’d never come across before.

We began very seriously in a practical department and picked up a little something to experiment, as this world of large and odd sex toys is new to us. After our nerves had settled we began tasting clit lube and looking at the chocolate, and sweet bras. As my partner pointed out, ‘Ann Summers is not as awkward and grotesquely explicit as we all think, its essentially an underwear department but a better class of underwear and some new and interesting things to give you a thrill.

Standing next to your partner looking at these things is great because it gets you in the mood, not as explicitly as wanting to take them in the changing rooms, but that sexual spark and intimacy between you ignites itself deep within and you feel in love and comfortable. The older man and his daughter, the younger girls, the group of lads, the nerdy husband and wife, they all faded from view and all I saw was Ashleigh and I loved it.

If you’re like me and most people I believe, you would have avoided an ‘Ann Summers because you felt too awkward to walk around and eventually take something to the counter, like it’s taboo that you might use a ‘Rampant Rabbit’ or suck a penis lolly. If you have a partner, give it a go, take them in there, have a little look around, compare reactions to things. From sexual coupons to handcuffs, to multi use dildos and corsets, it’s a whole new world that engages with the deep desires we all have and should feel free to explore. In there you won’t be judged or sniggered at, go in and explore while the sales are on (my treat was reduced from £50 to £25) and get lost for a moment in that bubble of trust and intimacy with your sexy loved one. Or if you’re like our friend, go treat yourself to something that will unlock the hidden God/Goddess within you. You can’t be more awkward than moustachioed men with their infant daughters.

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