Things You Should NEVER Do On Public Transport

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London Underground

It is a fact that most Londoners use public transport. To reach school, work, university and – more importantly – to get home. To become one of the most well-informed commuters in London, please read the very short list below of things that you should *never* do on public transport.

1.  Never make yourself at home.

“Can you smell what I smell?”  your fellow commuter asks. And then the putrid smell attacks your nostrils, and your senses begin to forsake you for even enabling the toxic fumes to enter your nostrils.

You look around frantically to find the source of the stink, and see that someone has taken off their worn-out work shoes and sweat-filled socks, which leaves their bare feet basking in the ambience. The putrid smell is swallowing the only air available (a very small amount) for you to breathe.

Taking off your shoes, or socks, or any item of clothing, means you have little to no consideration for others and their journey by indecent exposure. Never do it.


2. Never obstruct others.

Being comfortable does not mean the same as being obnoxious. People find that they have to navigate themselves around people on trains and buses – which is perfectly acceptable. However, some of our fellow commuters show complete and utter disregard for their company, who they are around and what they are doing.

I remember a personal experience, when I was looking for a seat on the train. I spotted one in the corner of a four-seat compartment in the car. I made my way over, confident and smiling, only to realise there was only 1/4 of the chair up for grabs.

“What happened to the rest of the chair?” You ask.

The 3/4 of the space on the seat was already used up by one man’s leg. A lone leg. Some decide that they, like some sort of ruler, take precedent over others’ personal space and unnecessarily spread their legs wide enough to do the splits!

If you want to be comfortable in your seat, take the following action: adjust back and forth to get comfy, move any obstacles out of the way, and ultimately, get yourself out of the way of others.

3. Seriously, what is with the ridiculously obstructive leg spread? Never do it.


4. Never try to travel without holding on to the pole.

I have always failed to understand why people insist on jumbling around and stumbling over their own feet, when this problem could be solved by simply holding one of the 2-3 poles in arms reach.

This has happened countless times, and even those who travel without the support of a solid, metal pole, do not look cool trying to pull it off. They look like they’re auditioning for the role of a back-up dancer in Michael Jackson’s Thriller – *disclaimer* we all know Michael Jackson is the King of Pop, and so the King of everything cool, so this reckless person is definitely auditioning badly!


5. Never listen to music out loud.

This needs no explanation. What else are earphones for?

There is a certain level of comfort that we can all enjoy, but really, where is the line drawn? It seems that, on a regular basis, limits are crossed. So, let’s all try to make a conscious effort to make our own journey less annoying. After all, we are in the same boat.


Now that you are aware of the acceptable behaviours on the London public transport, the CUB team would like to wish you a Merry Christmas. And, safe travels!

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