Brains – Thick and Thin Theatre Reveiw

Brains, by Thick and Thin Theatre company explores the psych of the other people during pandemics. The people who exploit the public for money, rather than charity. It looks at a pharmaceutical company, not only surviving, but thriving through a zombie apocalypse.

Written and directed by Cameron Szerdy, the mix of the characters complimented each other well. The full ensemble scenes were the best of the show. Ursula, the cold, badass, ball-grabbing, CEO (Stephanie Overington); Harry, the rich, drug-addled arsehole (Aidan Parsons); Tina, the young, social media obsessed, and slightly dim teenage intern (Aine Nettleton); Jeff, the punchline to most of the jokes, however a definitely character in his own rights (Jack Dent); Stewart, scientist, and friend of Jeff – a lot of the comedy coming from their duo (Tom Spencer); Rosie, the idyllic, moral-compass, new recruit (Jo Mance); and finally a cameo of a cleaner, who has to deal with the mess from the other characters.

The fast pace of the show, equipped with quirky one liners, and some wonderfully terrible puns, created a quaint, interesting performance. The actors themselves, had great chemistry and their strong performance as an ensemble, really made the show.  I loved the intimate environment, which connected us, as an audience even more.The plot was interesting, and a great exploration of the human psych, with dark undertones, and definite political undertones, looking at corporate exploration.

A great piece of Fringe Theatre, which I enjoyed thoroughly.

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