Coffee House Sessions Interview #3 – Tom Pointer

Back with another week of free live music, Coffee House Sessions now brings us Tom Pointer, performing at Drapers Bar & Kitchen 1pm Tuesday 31st January.

You’d describe your music as…  


You’re currently listening to…

JP Cooper

When you’re not making music you’re…

Swimming, cooking and spending time with family

You’d like to duet with…

Brittany Howard (Alabama Shakes)

Who’s your guilty pleasure?

Shawn Mendes

Dead or alive, who would you most like to grab a coffee with?

Ray Charles

You’re an artiste because…

I resisted music’s calling for too long!

Vinyl, CD or streaming?

CDs – for singing along to in the car!

Your party trick is…

I like to try different accents

Your hometown is X and we should visit because…

Poole, the New Forest is amazing!

Tinder or Taken?

The old-fashioned way

Snapchat, Insta, Facebook or Twitter?

Insta! Have a look – @tom_pointer

The best boxset ever is…


Coffee House Tour… what are you most excited about?

Going back to my old uni Loughborough!

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