Exclusive: Professor, Moshe Machover, praises terrorist groups at QMUL BDS event

A former professor at the University of London has been accused of “blatant anti-Semitism” after he openly declared his support for the terrorist organisation Hamas while accusing Jewish students of colluding with the Israeli embassy in London.

Professor Moshe Machover, a former philosophy lecturer employed at the university since 1995, was recorded by students at Queen Mary University of London openly stating his support for the terror group, whilst speaking as a guest lecturer at an event encouraging students to boycott Israeli goods in the UK.

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Moshe Machover

The event was hosted by the QMUL Friends of Palestine Society and sponsored by the British organisation Al-Aqsa – a group based in Leicester which has publicly declared its support for Hamas.

“I’m not opposing their [Hamas’] armed struggle – they have a perfect right to resist with arms. I don’t condemn them.” Prof Machover told a student attending the lecture last Thursday, entitled “Right to boycott: Should Queen Mary Endorse a Boycott on Israel”.

“Who is responsible for the rise of Hamas in the Gaza strip? Israel.”

He continued:  “The most successful struggle was low level violence, popular mobilisation and kids throwing stones. In occupied Lebanon, Hezbollah was using armed struggle very successfully, but in the case of Hamas their tactics aren’t very useful.”

A Jewish student who attended the event told the reporter:

‘It is really disturbing to hear Moshe praising designated terrorist groups and their violent methods. However, it is unfortunately not surprising as the rhetoric throughout the event failed to address Palestinian terrorism or any legitimate Israeli security concerns. Every question asked about Hamas, in terms of both the way it treats Israelis and it’s own Palestinian population, was flat-out ignored by the panel. A friend of mine pointed out during the talk that Hamas, as stated in their charter, want to kill Jews, not just Israelis. This of course includes Moshe himself which he is happy to accept. To me, this further proves that the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement are willing to legitimise acts of violence against Jews and Israelis- something which creates a fearful atmosphere for any Jew on campus.

When asked by an audience member if “Israel had a right to exist” he replied “certainly not”.

When challenged, Prof. Machover then accused Jewish students in attendance of being part of an Israeli conspiracy.

“These are the kind of questions that the Israeli propaganda machine actually briefs its representatives to ask?” he questioned.

He also alleged that the Jewish students in attendance had been briefed by Shai Masot – a London-based Israeli official who was recently forced to resign after it was revealed that he had held discussions regarding how to bring about the “downfall” of “pro-Palestinian” MPs including the Minister of Foreign and Commonwealth affairs Alan Duncan.

“I know what briefing you get. I have been in this game before you were born, and I know what briefing you get. You always use the same formulations because you are singing from the same sheet of briefing,” he said.

“Long experience, it is a long experience that leads me because I know what Shai Masot it up to.”

A Jewish girl in attendance at the event told CUB that she was told to ‘shut your face’ by audience members and that she was abused by another boy, who was reported in the past for calling a Jewish student a ‘dirty Jew’ and having a gang harass him on campus. The same boy commented on criticisms of Hamas stating ‘they’re democratically elected’.

Students in attendance told the reporter that the event had begun with the organisers playing a clip that depicted Israeli tanks  in 1948 ‘ethnically cleaning Palestinians’ something which is historically incorrect.



A first year student at Queen Mary told CUB:  “It resurrects much of the suspicion and anti-Semitism towards Jews, so tensions at the event were unsurprisingly high.”

“There’s a difference between being biased and out-right lying, and that clip clearly crossed that line”

Commenting on the event, a spokesman for QMUL said: “Professor Machover is not employed by QMUL.  We have a clear Code of Practice on Freedom of Speech within the law, and all events that take place on our premises are subject to security checks. Once these conditions are met, we believe that our students are able to judge for themselves the merits or otherwise of opinions put forward and views debated.”

Following the event Queen Mary’s Friends of Palestine Society, withheld footage of the event and also issued an online apology for comments made during the talk:

“Resentful ideologies were expressed both ways that have no relation to the event or the society. We apologise to the members of the audience who these comments were aimed towards and we unequivocally condemn this sort of behaviour from anyone,” the statement read.

King’s College London were approached for comment who stated that he holds an ‘affiliate email address’.


2 thoughts on “Exclusive: Professor, Moshe Machover, praises terrorist groups at QMUL BDS event

  1. This is a nasty, McCarthyite attack on the veteran Israeli anti-Zionist Moshe Machover. It distorts what he says into the framework of ‘terrorism’ when the real terrorists in Israel/Palestine are the Israeli army, not Hamas or Hezbollah. Ironically both organisations owe their birth to Israel.

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