Vegan Life Live: Review

Thanks to the people at Trybe App, I won a ticket to attend the much anticipated Vegan Life Live event held in Alexandra Palace.

Vegan Life Live is a two day event hosted by the noted magazine that is Vegan Life, that accommodates all things vegan and animal-free. Comparable to the fresher’s fair set-up, there was a grand collection of stalls varying from Vegan brownies, beer, and beer, over to against-cruelty groups (involving both animals and the environment).

Amidst the voluminous crowd of both long-term and newbie vegans, it dawned on me how big the vegan movement actually is; more and more people are understanding what our current food industry is actually profiting from: suffering. To see so many people really puts into perspective the impact that veganism is having on our nation and the world.

The grand building which played host to the event was perfect for holding us all, and played for a perfect backdrop to the beauty of cruelty-free sentiments. As it was the magazine’s event, there was the opportunity to subscribe to their magazine which, if you haven’t heard of it, concerns a vast collection of varied aspects of vegan life – everything from whipping up quick vegan treats, to environmental issues that the vegan community support. There was also a goodie bag stuffed with vegan supplements, creams, juices, and snacks! Even for those who didn’t subscribe to the magazine, there was a great deal of the same type of giveaways, such as green tea, free-from pesto, and syrup!

In addition to the spectacular amount of stalls to visit, and being greeted by the passionate people behind them, there were bountiful amounts of talks, shows, film screenings and workshops that helped to not only support the vegan community, but also to break down the stereotypes and stigma attached to vegan life.

Talks included “Top Ten Vegan Myths and How Answer Them” and “Vegan 101”. What made these events extra important was the complete lack of supremacy over non-vegans. Many non-vegans sometimes see vegans as being pretentious in their culinary lifestyle, but the overall demeanour was “small things matter”, even if it means just taking out eggs alone from your diet, you are still helping contribute to a cruelty-free life and a poorer egg industry. Not all people attending the event were vegan, which in my hopes has helped open the discussion of veganism out and change the perspective that all we eat is tofu and nuts. As great as tofu and nuts are, it softened the perspective and proved that the vegan agenda is full of peace and love, and extraordinary food!


More information on Vegan Life Magazine! –

Links to some of the companies exhibited:

Baking Bad: “Proud Creator of the flying cupcake”

The Coconut Collaborative: “Free from dairy, soya, and gluten, but not temptation”

The Humane League: “Reducing animal suffering by inspiring change at all levels”

Yorica Ice-Cream: “Dairy free, gluten free, nut free, egg free, vegan fro-yo”



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