6 Types of Flatmates You Will Live With At University

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Moving to university is a daunting experience – whether you
are moving into halls, a rented
flat or a house, it’s more than likely that you will be living with some interesting people.
After fresher’s week alone it becomes pretty obvious what kind of characters you have ended up living with! So here is a list of six different types of flatmates which you will probably be able to identify with – whether you like them or not.
   1. The Mum
There is always one flatmate who never gets too drunk on a night out and is always there to order your Uber, guide you on and off the tube and back through those blue gates and onto campus when you can barely walk. They are the one who keeps the group together on nights out and makes sure everything in the flat is always taken care of. They really are appreciated by everyone.
   2.The Mess
Whether their life is a mess or just their room, there is always something going wrong for this flatmate. They constantly leave unwashed dishes in the sink, and their laundry hasn’t been done since they first arrived at university (totally understandable when a new packet of underwear is cheaper than using the campus laundrette!)
   3.The Nocturnal One
This flatmate is absent during the day but, like a vampire, thrives at night. They finish their best essays at night when the pressure gets to them, or when their creative juices just begin to flow. They can cope with all-nighters and still manage to go to all of their lectures the next day. Sleep deprivation does not faze them.
   4. The Party Animal
Every single night this flatmate is out with their friends getting drunk and squandering their loan away on jager bombs and tequila. And yet, despite their hangover, the next day they’re out again to drink the pain of that headache away.
   5. The Invisible One
This flatmate is never around. Are they in their room? Who knows. In the library? Maybe. Have they moved out? You never hear this flatmate, they never message the flat group chat and they never seem to be in the kitchen. This flatmate was pretty much last seen when the whole flat moved in during fresher’s week.
   6. The Studious One
Finally, there is the studious flatmate. The one who is always ahead of their work and weekly reading. It’s terrible to live in the same flat as one of these students, especially if you do the same course as them. They will always have finished the essay before you have even started it, and will probably be getting better grades than you – which is devastating!
There are so many different types of flatmates, and despite some of
them being annoying, they do make our university experience something to remember (even if you choose not to live with them in second year!)

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