Damn Those Legs!

Seriously, damn those legs! What is it about legs?

One thing many people I hope can relate to is the leg issue. I’m not one for dresses and skirts, I never wear them. Now when I go to a party, naturally I opt for the dress and heels look, and that’s where it all changes. First, I get the “wow don’t you look girly”, “nice legs”, “looking hot”. This is just from friend’s, family and co-workers. I’ve dressed up with trousers on before and still gotten compliments but it seems that when a girl shows off some leg, the world changes. It’s like your legs have some magical force that radiates a light around you so that people notice you more.

Is this just me? Think back to a time where you’ve shown off some leg and gotten more looks, more inappropriate wolf whistles, more comments, and more attention. I, myself, have only just discovered it and I think it’s both hilarious and powerful. Personally, when a girl gets dressed up, it’s not her legs that catch my attention, but maybe I’m just doing it wrong as it seems that a dress and a good pair of heels is enough to change the way people see you. It’s not inherently a bad thing, I’m just recollecting that our legs have become sexualised, but what an odd thing to sexualise.

If we think about men, I find a lot of people go crazy for veins. A guy with veins all up and down his arms is a huge turn on for everyone. I myself am guilty for admiring those streaks of veins. For me, it shows a guy or girl takes care of themselves by keeping fit and I like that, but when I stare, I’m sexualising their arms, just like they’re sexualising my legs (fyi, this really happened with me and a platonic male friend). We both admitted we found each other’s arms and legs attractive then sat back and thought about how weird that was. It ended with me asking him to wrap his arms around me for a hug and walking myself (don’t excuse that fantastic pun) into an awkward request to return the sentiment.

So, have any of you noticed you sexualise a part of the human body that isn’t commonly sexualised? Maybe the eye lid (I’ll admit again, I love the eyes-half-closed look). Of course, There’s no official part of the body that we should be attracted to and parts we shouldn’t, I’m basing this on generality. If you’re now feeling weird about being attracted to a guy’s arms or a girl’s legs, or what have you, don’t feel awkward. At least you didn’t stumble yourself into the following conversation;

“Yeah, I think your arms are as hot as you find my legs. Would be great if you wrap them round me.”

“Well if you get my arms wrapped around you, don’t I get your legs wrapped around me?” True story.

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