I’ll be straight, I am a grandma. Shawl and slippers included. To clarify, I put this together myself, but inspired by flavours that I know work. If, and when I become an actual grandma this will be my go-to winter warmer.

So…the recipe is simple: pasta (preferably tricolore), stock cube (vegetable or chicken), water, white onion.

It’s really simple…which is why when I’m a grandma who is still really active, and doing tonnes with her life, I’ll need something that can be made in 15 minutes flat.

Grandma’s Soup Recipe:

Two handfuls of pasta into a pan with boiling water and your stock cube of choice. I used chicken because it goes well with onion, kind of like a roast if you follow me. I’d say use about 500ml of water, or more than enough to cook the pasta and have something for the ‘soup’ aspect.

Dice 1/4 or 1/2 an onion, depending how large it is, and throw it in. Then let it do it’s thing for 10 minutes until the pasta is cooked, I like it on the al dente side, before it begins to fall apart. Serve.

It is so easy, I’m not sure you can really mess it up. It was the first time I’ve tried such a simple pasta soup, but my flatmate liked it enough that she ate it straight from my cooking bowl.

I think the ease of this makes it great for if you’re feeling a bit poorly, or have lots of studying, but need something more substantial than copious toast. I recommend making some other vegetable on the side such as roast carrots and broccoli to keep your veg intake at a good level. If you want to try a variation of this I did consider adding peas, and I’m curious whether red onion could work instead of white; so if you give that a go let me know in the comments. Until that endeavour…

Much love and happy cooking,

Grandma Josephine

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