Recently, in a bid to stave off the inevitable panic brought by the prospect of Brexit, Donald Trump and a dissertation (not that I’ve mentioned it), my parents took me out for dinner.

They weren’t quite ready to venture into Shoreditch. My dad doesn’t understand it – everyone looks ‘too scruffy’ and their ‘jeans are too tight’, apparently. So, as a compromise, we opted for the Hixter Bankside. It’s the younger sibling of Tramshed, which is in Shoreditch, and so I felt suitably at home and my dad didn’t have to suffer the indignity of the Overground. Another aspect of student/ East London life which he doesn’t quite understand.

At first glance, I think it’s fair to say that the HIX restaurants don’t seem overly vegetarian friendly. Their basic formula is chicken or steak with a variety of sides. But the main selling point, at least for my slightly carnivorous family, was the chicken. Designed to share between two, a whole chicken is served upright on a skewer and carved in front of you – much to the delight of my brother, who watched the process with what can only be described as glee.

For those who aren’t quite up to the whole chicken, Hixter also offers burgers, a curry and, shockingly, a salad. With chicken, obviously. There’s also a vegetarian/pescetarian menu available – although this isn’t immediately obvious – and for larger groups they offer a ‘feast’ menu. And desserts. Obviously.


Just in case you weren’t tempted by any of the dinner options, there’s a lunch menu. And a ‘bottomless brunch’ menu, just in case you’re yet to be tempted by the recent brunch craze. Overall, I’m sold. The service was great, the receptionist who rescued me from Storm Doris and let me dry off in the foyer was professional enough not to laugh, and all in all it was a welcome break from third year stress.

Although it’s a little further out from Mile End than Tramshed, Hixter Bankside was friendly, not too busy, and (for London) relatively cheap. If you can bear to venture out a little further West, and want or need a break from Shoreditch, I would thoroughly recommend.

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